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Which NFL Teams Produced the most PPR Fantasy Points in 2018

Top 100 PPR Skill Players (No QBs) Produced 20,313 PPR Points in 2018 (Per Football Reference)

Overall Takeaways

  • The Atlanta Falcons had the largest share of fantasy points on the top 100 with 5.28 percent of total points (1,072 PPR points) even though they were the 10th overall scoring offense (25.9 points per game). The worst rank of their five on the top 100 is Austin Hooper at 64th (for my non-math wizards 100/32=3.125).
  • The biggest discrepancy between offensive rank and fantasy player rank on the top 100 was Minnesota. The playoff-less, à19th-overall scoring offense still managed to have five players total 1,009 PPR fantasy points (5% of points).
  • The Kansas City Chiefs were the highest scoring offense and had the highest average rank of player – 16th overall (Hill-5, Kelce-13 and 11-game Hunt-29). KC’s three players scored 83 more points than the top 100 average. If Hunt finished the season with a similar pace, this would have been close to almost 120 points more than the player average.
  • You would have to combine the PPR point totals from the bottom 13 teams (4,576 PPR points) before you would surpass the PPR point totals of Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Minnesota and the Los Angeles Rams (4,130 PPR points players). Those 13 teams had eight more players on the top 100 too. Wow.

Positional Takeaways

Running Backs

  • Every NFL team had at least one running back on the top 100 except Baltimore, Buffalo and Philadelphia.
    • Since 2008, Buffalo and Chicago are the only teams to have at least one RB in the top 100 every year.
  • Nine teams had at least two running backs on the top-100 list: Chicago, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Chargers, Minnesota, New Orleans, New England, Seattle and Tennessee.
  • New Orleans has topped the PPR RB chart the past two years with 592 in 2017 and 497 last year (6.23% of points of top-100 RB points). Imagine if Mark Ingram played a full season?
    • Over the past 10 years, the next closest total was in 2009 when Baltimore had Ray Rice and Willis McGahee (488).
    • Green Bay has 1,022 total RB points in the top 100 since 2008 (GB RB’s made the list five out of 11 years). As previously stated, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara have 1,089 the past two.

Wide Receivers

  • Every team had a wide receiver on the top 100 except San Francisco and Washington.  
  • Four wide receivers on the Bucs made the list generating 810 PPR points, and they had the 15th overall player point average.
  • With at least two players, Pittsburgh had the highest player average with 310.
  • Four player totals were good enough to join the top-25 PPR WR performances since 2000: Tyreek Hill, DeAndre Hopkins, Davante Adams, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. For perspective, Antonio Brown’s season-leading 2017 performance was good enough for 41st overall since 2000.
  • The Eagles, Rams and Vikings all had 302 total targets with their players on the list. The Eagles and Rams did it with three players and the Vikings did it with two.

Tight Ends

  • Ten tight ends made the list and none of their names are Gronkowski.
  • Travis Kelce, Zach Ertrz, George Kittle, Eric Ebron and Jared Cook all saw over 100 targets. There have been 78 total occurrences of tight ends seeing over 100 targets since 2000.
    • Kelce and Ertz saw over 150 targets.
    • Only one other tight end has seen over 150+ targets since 2000– Tony Gonzalez in three different seasons (2000, 20007 and 20008).
    • Kelce and Ertz were the second and fourth best TE producers in one season since 2000 based on PPR points. Kelce’s 2017 season was good enough for 24th overall.

Show us the Chart, Candy

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