Where Will the Top NFL Free Agents Sign?

We are less than 100 days until the NFL regular season and somehow some of the biggest names have yet to be signed. Granted, the Coronavirus has been a big factor as to why some players haven’t been signed yet. Here are my top five remaining free agents, and where I think they end up as well as what the betting odds are.

Cam Newton: Los Angeles Rams +1000

Before you say it I know they recently gave Jared Goff more money than several countries’ GDPs, but do we really think he can recreate his 2018 season? The Rams are in the beginning stages of cap space hell and are without a first round draft pick until 2022. My idea would be to bring in Newton on a short term deal as a backup and let the two battle it out. It’s a win-win situation; either Goff steps up his game and you have a good backup, or Newton steals the show and you have a true star at QB that you can market around.

Jadaveon Clowney: Indianapolis Colts +600

The Colts have the fourth most cap space and need an edge rusher opposite of recently acquired Justin Houston. We all know Clowney wants a huge payday, but allegedly turning a high paying deal down from the Cleveland Browns shows he wants to be on a contending team. A defensive line of Clowney, Houston and DeForest Buckner with Darius Leonard at Linebacker would frighten any offense.

Devonta Freeman: Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300

Tampa already brought in Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, as well as drafting Tyler Johnson to be their slot receiver; why not go even more all in and improve at running back. Although he has had his concussion issues in the past, Freeman brings more to the table than current starter, Ronald Jones. You brought in Brady to win a Super Bowl within the next two years and having Freeman catching passes out of the backfield drastically improves your chances.

Everson Griffen: Seattle Seahawks

I couldn’t find any odds on the Griffen free agency, but with Clowney heading to the Colts in this article, Seattle has a void at the position. Not to mention they have been the only team, along with the Vikings (Griffen’s former team), to be in contact with him. Personally, it is very surprising more teams haven’t been in contact with Griffen. In my eyes, the value he brings at a lesser deal is greater than Clowney on a mega deal.

Larry Warford: Houston Texans

It should be inhumane how the Texans have treated DeShaun Watson. They got rid of arguably the best receiver in the game for nothing and almost refused to sign the left tackle they just traded a first round pick plus for. Watson is physically unsafe behind that offensive line. That’s why the Texans should do something right for once and bring in Warford. Like Griffen, I couldn’t find any odds on his free agency, but the Texans have been the favorites since day one.

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