Week 10 Thoughts & Questions + Power Rankings

Nov 15, 2020; Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) reacts during the second half against the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan W
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"First I figured out where the sharp action was, where the guys who had a plan were, the guys who grinded." - Bobby Axelrod (Billions)

Well folks, we are through 10 weeks of the NFL season. Rather than continue to sling out my weekly power ranking articles, I am taking a new approach. Each week I will drop my T’s & Q’s (thoughts & questions) following that week’s action. At the bottom of the article you will find the updates to my power numbers across the league. This week, I was able to spend some extra time diving into each team’s remaining schedule to get a more accurate feel on projected wins.

Without further ado, here are my T’s & Q’s.

Week 10 Round Up:


  • Pittsburgh’s offense is good, and they show no sign of slowing up on passing attack. 39 percent of their 46 pass attempts resulted in first downs, third behind only Brady’s 45 percent on 44 pass attempts and Goff’s 40 percent on 43 attempts.
  • Baltimore’s biggest issue is their inability to establish the pass at a sustainable margin. Between Greg Roman’s insistence on calling early down rushes, and Lamar’s indecision whether to pass or tuck the ball, the offense has declined significantly from last year’s playoff team.
  • Most impressive thing about the Ram’s win is their ability to perform on late downs. The Rams generated 0.78 EPA/Play on late downs. Something I never truly appreciated them for.
  • The Bears suck. Nick Foles was -0.52 EPA/play everytime he dropped back. The play-calling on late downs gave them a ghastly -1.12 EPA/play. Chicago might be the worst .500 team we have seen this late in the season in recent memory.
  • Did New England just save their season? The answer is maybe. If they continue to put together a game plan that best utilizes their remaining talents and plays complimentary defense, the answer might be yes.


  • What is up with Tennessee? Between their special teams woes and some ugly losses after a hot start, can they figure it out to make a playoff run?
  • Russell Wilson is not a legitimate MVP candidate, correct? While I am in full support of “Let Russ Cook” … Do we think he might be spending too much time in the metaphorical kitchen?
  • What is Philly supposed to do? They cannot convert on third down, and they cannot score enough points to win on defense alone.
  • Will Minnesota make the playoffs? They have rattled off three consecutive wins, and have five winnable games down the stretch … It’s now or never for the Purple People Eaters.
  • Is this the end of the Drew Lock experiment? Will John Elway chase another veteran QB or throw his name in the hat of the QB Sweepstakes of 2021?

Week 11 Power Rankings:

Teams are ranked based on projected wins. Trend represents the variance from last week to this week, while SZN represents the season-long variance. LW is the teams ranking in the prior week, while PS is their preseason ranking.

Note, the inspiration for this article came while listening to one of my favorite Grime artists, Kano. Checkout one of his hits, P’s & Q’s if you’re trying to get in my mindset.

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