ThriveFantasy: NBA 3/29

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ThriveFantasy Projections

By: Danny Veino

What’s up everybody? If you’re looking for some advantages on Thrive Fantasy tonight, you’ve come to the right place. This article will break down every prop, for 15 players, by four different categories. Top Picks, Value Picks, Risky Picks, & the infamous ‘Stay Away From Bin’. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the BRKDWN!

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NBA ThriveFantasy Picks

Top Picks:

Kyrie Irving [Prop – 5.5 Asts]

  • Irving has recorded at least 6 assists in 13 out of his last 20 outings. The OVER is happening at a 65 percent rate during that span.
  • On top of that, Irving averages 7.1 Assists per game over 63 games played this season.
  • The Celtics are 1 game behind Indiana in the Eastern conference as of right now.
  • He has played Indiana twice this season. But only combines for 5 total assists over those two games.

Final Thought: Go with the OVER on Irving tonight for 80 points. This game means a lot to the Celtics as they try and close out their season on a good note. Irving rested in the C’s last game as well so he should be ready to go tonight.

Stephen Curry: [Prop – 31.5 Pts + Asts]

  • Stephen Curry has played Minnesota three times already this season and has combined for 102 points. He’s averaging 34 points per game alone vs. Minnesota this year.
  • He got the OVER in all three matchups this season. On top of that, he is currently averaging 32.9 (Pts + Asts) on the season through 63 games.

Final Thought: Take the OVER on Curry tonight for 105 points. He has gotten the OVER on this prop three times already this season vs. the same opponent.

Russell Westbrook: [Prop – 32.5 Pts + Rebs]

  • Westbrook currently averages 33.7 (Pts + Rebs) per game through 67 games this season.
  • He’s played Denver 3 times this season already and hit the OVER just once in the three game series.
  • However, Westbrook hasn’t scored more than 20 points in any of his past three games. If you look over his past couple of weeks he was dropping 30 points left and right. It’s a consistency thing with Westbrook.

Final Thought: Pick the OVER on Westbrook for 95 points. At the end of the day, the Thunder would love to get higher up than the 7th seed in the western conference where they sit now. They are half a game ahead of San Antonio, only half a game behind Los Angeles, and one game behind Utah. Westbrook will bring it tonight.

Andrew Wiggins: [Prop – 17.5 Pts]

  • Wiggins can be a scary option at times when considering his scoring prop. However, he has scored 20 or more points against Golden State all 3 times they played this season. That means the OVER is happening at a 100 percent rate during that span.
  • He currently averages 17.7 points per game on the season. He has also scored 20+ points in each of his past 4 games.

Final Thought: Take Wiggins with the OVER tonight for 95 points.

Jamal Murray: [Prop – 4.5 Asts]

  • Murray is a great play on Thrive tonight because the OVER is worth 110 points and he currently averages 4.8 assists per game.
  • He’s already played OKC 3 times this season and recorded the OVER twice. (With 8 assists in one game & 5 assists in the other).
  • He has recorded 5+ assists in 4 out of his last 8 outings. The OVER is happening at a 50 percent rate during that span.

Value Picks:

Jayson Tatum: [Prop: – 5.5 Rebs]

  • Tatum currently averages 6.2 rebounds per game through the first 74 games this season.
  • He has gotten the UNDER both times he played Indiana this year and only combines for 7 rebounds in those outings.
  • Al Horford is set to come back tonight which if anything, should take away rebounds from Tatum.
  • Tatum has recorded at least 6 rebounds in 13 out of his last 23 outings. The OVER is happening at a 57 percent rate during that span.

Final Thought: Go with the OVER tonight on Tatum for 110 t points. There is a ton of value here for Tatum and Boston needs a victory tonight. He should see 30+ minutes tonight and 6 rebounds is extremely doable.

Enes Kanter: [Prop – 0.5 Blks]

  • Kanter is a very intriguing pick tonight against Atlanta because his OVER is worth 110 points on Thrive. He only needs to get 1 block in order to get those points.
  • Currently he is averaging just .4 blocks per game as he is not known for his shot-blocking abilities. However, Jusuf Nurkic just went down with a gruesome injury this week. That will allow for Kanter to take over the center role for the remainder of the season.
  • With that being said, I am willing to take the gamble tonight that he records one block. After all, he should see his playing time start to slowly increase into the 25+ minute range.

Final Thought: Take the OVER on Kanter for 110 points. I wouldn’t go crazy on this pick because he only averages .4 blocks on the season through 60 games played. However, 110 points for just 1 block is very appealing.

Karl Anthony Towns: [Prop – 40.5 Pts + Rebs + Asts]

  • Towns is currently averaging 40.2 (Pts + Rebs + Asts) on the year through 72 games played.
  • He has matched up with the Warriors three times this season prior to tonight’s game. He achieved the over in 2 out of those 3 outings. Although it’s a small sample size, the OVER is happening at a 66 percent rate.
  • The one set-back here is that both times the OVER happened for Towns; was when DeMarcus Cousins was on the bench the whole game.

Final Thought: Take the UNDER tonight for 105 points. This is going to be a different kind of match-up for Towns tonight than the previous two have been. With Cousins playing tonight, stats will be a lot harder to come by. Plus the Warriors are holding onto a 1 game lead in the western conference over the Nuggets. So I think they will not fool around tonight and take care of business.

Donovan Mitchell: [Prop – 30.5 Pts + Rebs + Asts]

  • Mitchell currently averages 31.4 (Pts + Rebs + Asts) per game through 72 games this season.
  • He played Washington once this season and was only able to rack up 19 points, 2 assists, and 1 rebound in 32 minutes of action.
  • Something to take note of in that game is that Utah had a 20 point lead going into the 4th quarter so Mitchell didn’t need to be aggressive.
  • He has recorded 31 or more (Pts + Rebs + Asts) in 16 out of his last 25 games. That means the OVER is happening at a 64 percent rate in that span.

Final thought: Take the OVER on Mitchell for 95 points.

LeBron James: [Prop – 24.5 Pts]

  • LeBron sat out in the Lakers most recent game so he will be fully rested going into tonight’s game. The Lakers have nothing to play for this season but LeBron still wants to be out there padding his stats.
  • He averages 27.2 points per game on the season so far through 55 games.
  • He has recorded 25 or more points in 15 out of his last 21 appearances. This means the OVER is happening at a 71 percent rate during that span.

Final Thought: Take the OVER for 90 points on LeBron tonight. The Lakers might be out of playoff contention. But LeBron is chasing accolades and statistics at this point.

Paul George: [Prop – 1.5 Blks + Stls]

  • George currently averages  2.2 steals per game on the season.
  • Back on February 26th, George racked up 6 steals in one game vs. Denver.
  • He has recorded at least 2 (Blks + Stls) in 6 out of his last 11 games.

Final Thought: Take the OVER on George for 80 points.

Risky Picks:

Myles Turner: [Prop – 12.5 Pts]

  • Turner currently averages 13.2 points per game on the season through 68 games played.
  • He has scored at least 13 points in 13 out of his last 23 outings which translates to a 56 percent rate for the OVER.
  • He’s only played Boston once this season and in that game he racked up 12 points in 28 minutes of action.
  • The Pacers are one game ahead of Boston at the moment so this should be a very competitive game.

Final Thought: Take the OVER on Turner for 95 points. Turner has had some big games over the past month against some great opponents. 13 points is extremely doable tonight.

Kevin Durant: [Prop – 31.5 Pts + Rebs]

  • Durant absolutely destroyed Minnesota the first time they played this season where he dropped 33 points and 13 rebounds in 36 minutes of action.
  • However, the second time Durant played Minnesota this season he was held to 22 points and 5 rebounds in 35 minutes of action.
  • In their most recent match-up, Durant was held to an even lower total of 17 points and 2 rebounds in 35 minutes of action.

Final Thought: Take the UNDER on Durant for 100 points.

Nikola Jokic: [Prop – 10.5 Rebs]

  • Jokic averages 10.8 rebounds per game on the season through 74 games played. He has played OKC three times this season and averaged 10 rebounds per game in the series.
  • He recorded the UNDER in two of those games and the one outing that he hit the OVER, he grabbed 15 rebounds.
  • Overall, Denver has a home game tonight and they are 1 game behind the Warriors in the western conference for 1st place. With that being said, expect Jokic to bring his A-game.
  • He has recorded at least 11 rebounds in 7 out of his last 15 games. The OVER is happening at a 47 percent rate during that span.

Final Thought: Take the OVER on Jokic tonight for 105 points. Despite this being the less anticipated outcome, I think Jokic shows up in a big way tonight and owns the boards.

Ricky Rubio: [Prop – 18.5 Pts + Asts]

  • Rubio currently averages 18.9 (Pts + Asts) on the season through 65 games played.
  • Against Washington back on March 18th, Rubio racked up 8 points and 10 assists in 26 minutes of action.
  • Utah needs this win tonight in order to stay ahead of the three teams that are currently right behind them in the standings. I fully expect Rubio to show out tonight and score roughly 12 points with 8+ assists.

Final Thought: Take the OVER on Rubio for 100 points.

‘Stay Away From’ Bin:

Vince Carter: [ Prop – 0.5 Stls]

  • Carter currently averages .6 steals per game on the season through 70 games.
  • He only plays 15-25 minutes on the average night.
  • The point value is at 100 for the OVER and 100 for the UNDER so this is literally a toss-up.
  • This is basically like asking, “Will Vince Carter be standing at the right spot on the court during a loose ball this game”?

Final thought: I can easily see Carter getting the OVER but I can also see him getting the UNDER. So for this reason, I am avoiding this pick tonight.

Kemba Walker: [Prop – 24.5 Pts]

  • Walker can be an extremely difficult player when it comes to predicting his scoring output. He can score 50 points one night and come back out the next and score 7 points.
  • The one time he played Los Angeles this season, Kemba was held to 4 points, 3 assists, and 1 rebound in 25 minutes of action. That was on their home court as well.
  • The inconsistency is too scary for me so I will be avoiding this pick tonight.

Final Thought: Avoid this pick on Thrive tonight.

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