Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

In case you’ve never seen this mind boggling statistic that came out back in 2015, here it is — In the first half of the 2015 MLB season only 91 percent of DFS profits were won by 1.3 percent of DFS users, leaving only nine percent of the profits for your average DFS player to make. Sure, there are going to be examples that counter this statistic, but this was the raw average. Clearly it is not as easy as it used to be to win on a consistent basis. This is caused by several factors; but mostly in part to the way FanDuel & DraftKings are designed.

Traditionally, you have to pick nine players and hope that each of them go off that night —  do not even get me started with the “Drop rule” FanDuel incorporated this season, it is god awful and I’ll get into why later on in the article. The way these platforms are set up is plain ridiculous, especially for the average player who just wants to try something new. The beginner contests are a joke because it just makes you think you are better than you really are.

FanDuel doesn’t want to expose you to the “top” DFS players when you are just starting out for many reasons — mostly so you don’t keep getting destroyed right off the bat and go to another platform. In other words, they want to keep taking your money again and again so they offer beginner contests to suck you in and make you think your better than you are. Then once you graduate from there, you are thrown into the real world of DFS sports, which is run by the sharks.

The sharks have the necessary capital to put in 100 different line-ups into a lobby which will increase their chances of placing in the top big time. You see, FanDuel and DraftKings will always be fun to play, but when it’s extremely difficult to win big money consistently, you get bored of it, you start losing more than you’re putting in, or you simply just quit.

Why Try ThriveFantasy?

ThriveFantasy is a blessing in disguise at the moment. As a company, they aren’t even two-years-old; yet they just hit $500,000 in entry fees this past month. Why are more and more players making the switch to Thrive? What’s the big difference between the platforms? Can I win more on ThriveFantasy? What even is ThriveFantasy anyway? Well, I am here to explain and answer all these questions. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the BRKDWN.

FanDuel Drop Rule: This rule states that once the slate is over and the scores are ready to be tallied up, FanDuel will go through and drop your lowest score. This concept was brought about because people complained about injuries. At first, I thought the drop rule was great. Only after playing for a few weeks with it; I realized it’s either your best friend, or your worst enemy. Think about it, if you have a team where everyone did their part and scored 30 or more fantasy points. You are going to lose 30 points off your final score immediately, whereas the guys who scored at the top got lucky and had the three best plays of the night and had a really cheap guy for the minimum price get zero points.

Say your final score was 330 with all nine of your players and your lowest score happened to be 30 points — your final score is now going to be 300 and not 330. Now, imagine a guy whos final score was 325, only he had a guy get zero points total on his roster. FanDuel drops that zero and his final score is 325. Even though your line-up had 330 points, you will not be rewarded despite having a higher scoring line-up. Once they dropped your worst player, your score is now 300 points and you just went from winning $150 to only winning $4. All thanks to the infamous drop rule. It honestly changes the entire strategy to taking down a GPP line-up.

Thrive Fantasy is a game changer because you don’t have to focus on nine different players all going off in one night. On Thrive, their are player props and you simply choose whether the player will have OVER/UNDER the specified number. For example: James Harden’s prop tonight might be 35.5 points; you must decide whether or not Harden will score more or less than that. Now as a sports fan and DFS player, you don’t have to pray Harden gets a triple double every time you pay up for him in a contest. You are solely focusing on him scoring points and nothing else. He could shoot 20-100 from the field in one game, but as long as he scores 36 points, he got you the OVER.

This is the basic formula for how ThriveFantasy works. However, when you enter a contest, there will be a player pool of ten different players in which you must choose five of them. With each pick you choose, there is a point value associated with it depending on the difficulty. If the prop is less likely to happen, then the player will be rewarded more points. Conversely, if the prop is more likely to happen, it would be worth less points.

For Example: If Myles Turner’s prop for the night is (4.5 Blocks). Then the OVER would be worth something like 130 points and the UNDER would be worth something like 70 points. Sometimes the prop is too close to determine whether or not the player will go under/over. In those cases, the point value between the OVER/UNDER is split evenly at 100 points.

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