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Now that you have a better understanding on what ThriveFantasy is and what it has to offer; let’s talk some strategy. Each major sport is played the exact same way on Thrive. You have a list of props given to you and you must choose the over/under for 5-10 of them. However, every major sport has its own individual strategies that go along with it. You can’t make an NBA lineup the same way you put together an MLB or NFL one. They require their own set of statistics, data, and rules. After several months of playing Thrive Fantasy, I have found many small tricks and methods that have given me a slight advantage over my competition. This article will go over all of my inside tricks and different ways to attack a certain DFS slate.

Thrive Fantasy Strategy Mini-Series:

Thrive Fantasy 101

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Point System

Each Prop is assigned an over & under value that equals a total of 200 points

The way Thrive keeps score makes it very entertaining because you can see right away where you stack up against your opponents. As soon as the slate starts, you can go and look in the leaderboards section and see people’s current earned points as well as their potential max points for the night. That way, you will be able to identify right away where you stand with your competition. If you pick five props that are all ‘Unders’ you will most likely be one of the top scores to start the slate. Conversely, if you pick all ‘Over’ props, you will most likely start the slate in dead last. Don’t let that deter you though, I have won first place several times having only picked Over on a slate.

Tournament Lobbies

    They key is to find a nice balance. If you are playing in a tournament lobby, it’s a good idea to take a few risks that will reward you with a high amount of points. But don’t put all of your eggs into the same basket. Try identifying two to three props that are worth more than 100 points and rank them from 1 through 3 with 1 being most likely to happen. Once you have done this, go find your core plays of the night. These are the picks that might only yield you 85-90 points per prop but you have a very strong feeling that they will be correct. Once you have your core, you then should combine them with your top three props that carry the most value. Use two of the three picks and then combine them with your core picks. Here is how it would look when entering multiple lineups into a tournament lobby using this strategy.

(Pick 1) + (Pick 2) —-> Add Core Plays

(Pick 1) + (Pick 3) —-> Add Core Plays

(Pick 2) + (Pick 3) —-> Add Core Plays

Double-Up Lobbies

If you were playing in a double up lobby, it would be safest to pick the props that are worth less points. This is because it doesn’t necessarily matter if you come in first place or whether you come in the last paid position. You both will make the same amount of money. For example,these picks can be plucked right from your core plays that you would use in a tournament lineup. In this lobby type, you want to make sure you pick the props that are most likely to happen on any given night. In Baseball, this would be picking the UNDER on a player to hit a homerun. This is because the UNDER in that situation is often worth around 65-70 points. It may not be worth much, but the odds are very high that you will be right from a betting percentage standpoint. As far as NBA on Thrive goes, this type of prop would be something like Russell Westbrook to get 35.5 (Pts) + (Rebs) + (Asts). The OVER would most likely be worth a low 80 points. It’s very likely that he will get the OVER in this situation so this is considered a ‘sure thing’ pick. These types of props are the building blocks of a double up lineup. You are not trying to be the top scorer and take risks. It’s a game of ‘sure things’ and picks that make you say out loud, “Oh, that’s an easssssy over”.

Strategy Overview

The key to success on ThriveFantasy is finding a process that works for you and then sticking to it. I have had many occasions where I come in first three different times in one week. Then, the next week I can’t even place in the money. At your low-point you start to second-guess your strategy and then BOOM! — another first place finish and all themoney you lost is back. My biggest advice on Thrive is to avoid taking too many risks on any given night. Think about it from a legit sports bet on a ML. If you are making sports bets and you put together a parlay of five separate games  aren’t you going to try and be less risky as you go? There is no logic in putting five risky plays in one slate just to try and be first. In fact, there have been times where I have only got 7-10 picks correct and still came in first place for $300. It’s because of the balance and combination of “sure thing” picks and the riskier value plays. In the next article, we will BRKDWN the different statistics you should use when making your lineups each night. When you are assessing which value plays will be your top three there’s a special combination of advanced statistics that can help you decide where the best value is. We’ll dive into that in article #3 which will cover the NBA, MLB, & NFL.

Below are some of my best Thrive lineups I’ve had using my process since I started playing:

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