theBRKDWN’s Top 50 NHL Players: 40 – 31

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The BRKDWN NHL team has compiled a list of the Top 50 NHL players for the upcoming 2019/20 season in a series of articles that are releasing weekly into the month of September. Today’s list were taking a look at the 10 NHL players ranked 40 to 31. 

40. Carey Price, Montreal Canadiens, G

2018/19 Season Stats: W: 35 L: 24 OTL: 6 SO: 4 SV%: .918 GAA: 2.49

The winningest goaltender in Montreal Canadiens franchise history, Carey Price makes his way onto the list at number 40. Price had a bounce back year this past season but unfortunately wasn’t enough to lead the Canadiens back into the playoffs. He will still have that ability to steal games and make unbelievable saves as long as he’s in Montreal.

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39. Evgeny Kuznetsov, Washington Capitals, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 76 G: 21 A: 51 PTS: 72 +/-: 7

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 7 G: 1 A: 5 PTS: 6 +/-: – 1

The elusive silky Russian centreman for the Capitals, Evgeny Kuznetsov had yet another great year. His vision and timing of his passes or shot is unlike anyone across the NHL and the Caps use that to their advantage on their stacked power-play unit.

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38. Nicklas Backström, Washington Capitals, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 80 G: 22 A: 52 PTS: 74 +/-: 2

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 7 G: 5 A: 3 PTS: 8 +/-: – 4

Nicklas Backstrom is one of the most underrated players in the entire NHL and he puts that to show every game. His passing is elite and has been since he’s stepped into the league. Backstrom will be celebrated by teammates next year if he can record at least 27 points to reach number 900 in his NHL career. 

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37. Claude Giroux, Philedphia Flyers, C/ RW

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 22 A: 63 PTS: 85 +/-: 9

The Captain of the Flyers, Claude Giroux still is making a scoring impact for the forward group. His 85 points this past year were team leading for the second straight season in a row. Giroux continues to be a solid performer on the power-play with his passing and decisive shot against opposing penalty kills. 

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36. Marc-André Fleury, Vegas Golden Knights, G

2018/19 Season Stats: W: 35 L: 21 OTL: 5 SO: 8 SV%: .913 GAA: 2.51

2019 Playoff Stats: W: 3 L: 4 SO: 0 SV%: .910 GAA: 2.70

The Golden Knights netminder is still effective and elastic in the net at the age of 34 with no slowing down. Fleury has shown that his side to side agility is still elite and is a big part of any team that he’s played for success in the standings. 

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35. Sebastian Aho, Carolina Hurricanes, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 30 A: 53 PTS: 83 +/-: 25

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 7 G: 5 A: 3 PTS: 8 +/-: – 4

The finnish centreman, Sebastian Aho really broke out this season putting up a career high in goals, assists and points and power-play points. Aho was offersheeted this offseason by the Canadiens but then quickly matched by his team the Carolina Hurricanes because they feel he is the franchise player this team needs to have in order to have success in the future.

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34. Phil Kessel, Arizona Coyotes, RW

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 27 A: 55 PTS: 82 +/-: – 19

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 1 A: 1 PTS: 2 +/-: – 1

The recently traded Phil Kessel looks to have yet another clean start with another NHL club even though he was a point per game last season with the Pens. Kessel still has an unbelievable snapshot that is seen as one of the best still in the league today. 

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33. Braden Holtby, Washington Capitals, G

2018/19 Season Stats: W: 32 L: 19 OTL: 5 SO: 3 SV%: .911 GAA: 2.82

2019 Playoff Stats: W: 3 L: 4 SO: 0 SV%: .914 GAA: 2.67

Braden Holtby has been the backbone of the Caps team for years now and his play and stats are great in the process. Holtby struggled at times this past season but, coming after a long season in which the Capitals played into the month of June and winning the Cup is acceptable. 

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32. Taylor Hall, New Jersey Devils, LW

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 33 G: 11 A: 26 PTS: 37 +/-: – 6

Coming off a Hart Trophy (MVP of the NHL) season in 2018, Taylor Hall was injured most of the 2018/19 season yet putting up more than a point per game. Next year the Devils will have a lot of firepower on offence and Hall will be the head of the pack for sure. 

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31. Jack Eichel, Buffalo Sabres, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 77 G: 28 A: 54 PTS: 82 +/-: – 11

The former second overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft has been the Sabres best player since stepping into the NHL. Eichel exemplifies the new wave of young NHLers in the way he skates with his gazel like strides as well as his shooting accuracy and leadership qualities. 

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Be sure to follow along as we take a look at the NHL’s best 30 – 21 players next week.