Thu. Feb 27th, 2020

theBRKDWN’s Top 50 NHL Players: 30 – 21

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The BRKDWN NHL team has compiled a list of the Top 50 NHL players for the upcoming 2019/20 season in a series of articles that are releasing weekly until the regular season starts. Today’s list were taking a look at the 10 NHL players ranked 30 to 21. 

30. Tyler Seguin, Dallas Stars, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 33 A: 47 PTS: 80 +/-: 17

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 13 G: 4 A: 7 PTS: 11 +/-: 3

Number 91, Tyler Seguin has emerged as the best player for the Dallas Stars and hit the 80 point mark for the second time in his NHL career with his current organization. Seguin’s fast shot and accurate passing on the power-play makes him one of the best when on the man advantage around the entire NHL.

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29. Sergei Bobrovsky, Florida Panthers, G

2018/19 Season Stats: W: 37 L: 24 OTL: 1 SO: 9 SV%: .913 GAA: 2.58

2019 Playoff Stats: W: 6 L: 4 SO: 0 SV%: .925 GAA: 2.41

The new sheriff in the crease for the Panthers is Sergei Bobrovsky and he is ready to be the number 1 guy in Sun Rise. Bobrovsky who struggled at times this season still put together a good season with 37 wins (ties the second most in a single season) which is great and hoping he can do the same for the Panthers in their playoff search. 

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28. Ryan O’Reilly, St. Louis Blues, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 28 A: 49 PTS: 77 +/-: 22

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 26 G: 8 A: 15 PTS: 23 +/-: 2

A year ago this player wanted to quit hockey and a year later he’s a Selke Trophy winner, Conn Smythe (Playoffs MVP) Winner and Stanley Cup champion. O’Reilly really put his skills on display this year as a member of the Blues and won a lot of hardware in doing so. 

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27. Mitch Marner, Toronto Maple Leafs, RW 

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 26 A: 68 PTS: 94 +/-: 22

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 7 G: 2 A: 2 PTS: 4 +/-: – 4

All the talk surrounding Mitch Marner’s offseason is that he is still an RFA and without a contract to play under for next season. That doesn’t mean he’s not a top talent in the NHL though. Marner had a career year and was flashy in all areas on the ice thus emerging as a top 30 player in theBRKDWN’s list. 

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26. Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets, RW

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 82 G: 20 A: 71 PTS: 91 +/-: 0

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 6 G: 1 A: 4 PTS: 5 +/-: 1

The captain of the Jets had yet another tremendous season recording exactly 91 points for the second straight year. Wheeler has one of the league’s best IQ and vision as he serves his other wingers and centremen the puck for a goal every night. 

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25. Erik Karlsson, San Jose Sharks, D

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 53 G: 3 A: 42 PTS: 45 +/-: 6

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 19 G: 2 A: 14 PTS: 16 +/-: – 3

The offensive defenseman Erik karlsson struggled this year in playing games and getting goals but still was effective and one of the NHL’s best. Karlsson will be in San Jose for the next 8 years and he’s looking to add a cup into his long resume. 

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24. Mikko Rantanen, Colorado Avalanche, RW

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 74 G: 31 A: 56 PTS: 87 +/-: 13 

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 12 G: 6 A: 8 PTS: 14 +/-: – 1

The big finish forward, Mikko Rantanen had amazing chemistry with his linemates Gabriel Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon thus putting up the great numbers he had all season long. 

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23. Evgeni Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 68 G: 21 A: 51 PTS: 72 +/-: – 25 

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 1 A: 2 PTS: 3 +/-: – 1

Evgeni Malkin has been in the news in recent weeks about a so called “requested trade” from the Penguins if former teammate Phil Kessel was not traded. Malkin is a great player in this league still and can still be that player you hate to play against and score goals while being annoying. 

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22. Brayden Point, Tampa Bay Lightning, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 79 G: 41 A: 51 PTS: 92 +/-: 27 

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 1 A: 0 PTS: 1 +/-: – 5

The small but determined beast of a player, Brayden Point comes in at 22 on the list. Point has really broken out as player these past two seasons and is looking for big money as he is currently an RFA. A 92 point player won’t be cheap for the Lightning but time will tell for what his contract will look like. 

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21. Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins, C

2018/19 Season Stats: GP: 65 G: 32 A: 47 PTS: 79 +/-: 23 

2019 Playoff Stats: GP: 24 G: 9 A: 8 PTS: 17 +/-: 4

The two way centremen, Patrice Bergeron has been the league’s best for many years now and deserves all the credit in the world. He has missed many games in his NHL career; yet he keeps putting up points and sometimes even playing injured, like this past playoff run. The Bruins rely on Bergeron and is truly a top centerman in the NHL. 

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Be sure to follow along as we take a look at the NHL’s best 20 – 11 players next week.