theBRKDWN’s 2019 MLB Power Rankings: Week 1

May 2nd – May 12th

From now until the end of the MLB Season, I will be giving out my MLB Power Rankings for theBRKDWN Sports. Follow us on Twitter @theBRKDWN for all betting, fantasy and sports news! Along with the rest of the MLB Staff @joe_caruso9 (Weekly Fantasy Rundowns) & @thehighguys5 (Thrive Daily Fantasy)

1) Houston (Overall: 26-15, Past week: 8-2)

After a slow start, the Astros have surged up the AL West standings, with Seattle falling back down to earth and looking more like a rebuild team. The West is the Astros to lose again.

2) Chicago Cubs (Overall: 23-14, Past week: 8-1)

The Cubbies are back! Chicago has won eight of its last 10 and sit in first place in the NL Central. Beside the Reds, it’s going to be a tight race between everyone in the Central.

3) Los Angeles Dodgers (Overall: 27-16, Past week: 7-3)

L.A. is picking up right where they left off last season, dominating the regular season but can’t get the job done in the playoffs — more so in the World Series.

4) Minnesota Twins (Overall: 25-14, Past week: 7-4)

Everyone thought the Indians would run away with the AL Central again, after they rolled past last year only winning 91 games, fifth most among playoff teams. The Twins have started off hot and currently hold a four game lead in a weak AL Central.
5) Tampa Bay Rays (Overall: 24-15, Past week: 5-4)

After winning 90 games last season, the Rays picked up where they left off, currently leading the AL East by half a game. The loss of Glasnow will hurt them, but Honeywell will be coming back soon, and if anyone can prove that “openers” work, it’s the Rays.
6) New York Yankees (Overall: 24-16, Past week: 6-3)

Judge, Hicks, Paxton, Stanton, Gregorius, Severino and others are all on the IL and somehow the Yankees still sit a half game behind the Rays. We all know the Jays and O’s are in a rebuild, and if the Yankees can stay close with Tampa and Boston until everyone becomes healthy again, they have what it takes to win the AL East.

7) Philadelphia Phillies (Overall: 23-16, Past week: 6-3)

The Phillies find themselves in an unexpectedly crowded NL East. The Braves and Mets both sit less than five games back and the Nationals are starting to figure it out as well. What seemed to be a two-team race in the division now seems to be a four-team party.
8) Arizona Diamondbacks (Overall: 22-19, Past week: 4-6)

For a team who traded their best player in Paul Goldschmidt, the D-Backs looked to be a team on the rebuild, but Arizona only sits four games back of L.A., but can they keep things going for the rest of the season?

9) Milwaukee Brewers (Overall: 24-17, Past week: 7-2)

It’s going to be a fun race to watch in the NL Central this year as the Brewers, Cubs and Cardinals are all likely to compete for the playoffs. The Brewers weakness is pitching and if they can upgrade that between now and the deadline, they will be a serious contender to take out the Dodgers.

10) St. Louis Cardinals (Overall: 22-19, Past week: 2-10)

After starting 20-9, the Cards have fallen off a cliff like the Seattle Mariners. Only thing is, no one cares about the Mariners, and the Cardinals were supposed to contend this year. In such a crowded division, they need to straighten out the issues and get it fixed or they will be out of it before they know it.
11) Cleveland Indians (Overall: 21-18, Past week: 5-5)

The Indians are as good as the Central is bad. No one’s going to challenge them other than the Twins for the division and they are going to continue to do what they have done the last few years — beat bad teams, make the playoffs, then lose early.  

12) San Diego Padres (Overall: 22-19, Past week: 5-5)

Machado Maina is now in San Diego after a failed attempt to get a ring with L.A. Manny chose to stay on the West Coast and be the face of the franchise which hasn’t had a real star since Tony Gwynn. Tatis is on the IL with a injury, but he will help once back full time and the young pitching core has already proven they can pitch in the Majors. Look out L.A. — San Diego is coming.

13) Atlanta Braves (Overall: 21-20, Past week: 6-5)

The Braves finally made if back to the postseason last year, only to lose in the first round.  Looking to build off last season’s success, I think the Braves can compete with the Phillies for the division as long as the pitching stays strong.  

14) Pittsburgh Pirates (Overall: 20-17, Past week: 6-3)

The Pirates are a team of mystery … are the legit? Will or when will they rebuild? I don’t think they really know because they are good, but not just good enough to beat and overtake the Cubs or Brewers. I think they expect them to fall off so they can overtake them, rather than overtake them themselves.

15) Boston Red Sox (Overall: 22-19, Past week: 9-1)

Remember that team back in April who won 12 games and everyone in Boston was in panic-mode saying how they should trade Price and Betts and Bogarts? Yeah, that team is still here and surged up the standings only to be three games back of Tampa and in a WC spot.  No need to worry Boston I’m sure Brady will also and win another Super Bowl, and the Bruins will win the Cup because you need more championships, right?

16) New York Mets (Overall: 19-20, Past week: 4-5)

It’s the Mets. Enough said. Sooner or later, Noah or Jake will get hurt, the Marlins will pass them and no longer be in the bottom of the East. It’s bound to happen because, well, it’s the Mets and everything bad happens to the Mets. At least for now, Pete Alonzo is mashing and making everyone forget about that Yoenis Cespedes guy.

17) Seattle Mariners (Overall: 20-23, Past week: 2-8)

To steal the words “My Oh My” from Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus is fitting here. As “My Oh My” what happened the the April Mariners who started the season breaking home run records, starting the season going 15-2? May came and they realized ‘oh wait we are “reshaping” the roster’ and we aren’t supposed to be winning games. Thanks Seattle for getting my hopes up for a fun season.

18) Texas Rangers (Overall: 17-21, Past week: 3-6)

Nothing much going on in Texas as they are team number two team behind Houston.  What we do know is home run-masher Joey Gallo has more home runs (100) than singles (93) and just hit his first SAC FLY of his five-year career this season … That’s what I call progress.
19) Chicago White Sox (Overall: 18-21, Past week: 5-6)

The White Sox rebuild / “start over” is almost done. Most of their top prospects are in the Majors, as we await one or two more pitchers to emerge, but it’s looking more like next year the White Sox will be competing for the Central rather than the Twins and Indians this year.

20) Detroit Tigers (Overall: 18-20, Past week: 5-5)

The Tigers aren’t “wowing” people, but they are hanging around only two games under .500 and 6.5 back of the Twins. They could prove to be a WC contender come late in the season.

21) Colorado Rockies (Overall: 19-21, Past week: 5-5)

Colorado is off to a slow start this season as they are currently fourth in the NL West (6.5 GB of LA). Beside the Giants — and who thought D-Backs — we all thought this was to be a two-team race for the West this year, with Colorado and L.A., but now San Diego looks to be ahead of the rebuild and Arizona has some key role players to make a two-team race a four-team one and make things harder for the Rockies to make the playoffs again for the second straight year.

22) Los Angeles Angels (Overall: 19-21, Past week: 5-4)

Last year’s Japanese phenom, Shohei Ohtani, season was cut short due to injury. He now is back, but only in a DH role. While it is a boost to the Halo’s line-up, that means Pujols — who just hit 2,000 career RBIs — will have to split time with Ohtani or play more first base (not the best idea), It will be hard to balance two DH-only players in a line-up since Ohtani will strictly be doing that this year.

23) Toronto Blue Jays (Overall: 16-24, Past week: 2-8)

Vald Jr. Day has come and gone, and the Jays have already publicly said they are willing to trade out older guys with the rebuild coming and other young promising guys in the Minors. The Jays will be in full “tank mode” for this year and be ready to compete with a already stacked AL East.

24) Oakland A’s (Overall: 19-23, Past week: 5-4)

It’s been a strange year for all teams in the AL West as the A’s were last years Wild Card team — losing to the Yankees — and they sit in fourth place in the division and 3.5 out of the WC. The Mariners have fallen back to earth and the Angels don’t seem to be a real threat.  Oakland will once again have to put on a magical run to jump a few teams to make the playoffs.

25) Cincinnati Reds (Overall: 18-23, Past week: 5-6)

The Reds are a much improved team from last year, though they still are in last place in the Central. They finally have a few pitchers that are starting to show potential. It’s just a matter of if the offense can come along for a full season to hang with the Cubs or Brewers. The emergence of rookie Nick Senzel will be a huge boost for them for the rest of the season, along with Scooter Gennett when he comes back from injury.

26) San Francisco Giants (Overall: 17-23, Past week: 4-5)

The “Dynasty” of the Giants is coming to a end unfortunately. Bruce Bochy will be leaving and retiring at the end of the season. Let’s hope he can make it that far, he deserves it.

27) Washington Nationals (Overall: 16-24, Past week: 4-7)

The loss for Harper is not the reason why the Nat’s are so low on this list and playing so poorly.  It’s the lack of pitching and bullpen depth that has kept this team down. The pen has a high 6+ ERA so far this season. This season could turn around with a wide open NL East, but it needs to be fixed now.

28) Kansas City Royals (Overall: 14-27, Past week: 3-7)
In a division that is one of the worst in baseball, KC has fallen from World Series Champions to the bottom dwellers in the Central in a five-year span. Wins will be hard to come by with Minnesota and Cleveland being the best of the division and a much improved Tigers and White Sox teams.

29) Baltimore Orioles (Overall: 14-26, Past week: 2-6)

It’s no secret Baltimore is in a rebuild along with a few other teams in the bottom half of these rankings, but they are quite a fun group to watch as they will battle with Tampa, Boston and New York over the course of the year.

30) Miami Marlins (Overall: 10-29, Past week: 0-9)
We knew what we were getting with this year’s Marlins team — a team on the rebuild who might not reach 50 wins. Going to be a long season for the team down in Miami. Don’t expect them to move out of this spot all year.

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