theBRKDWN’s 19/20 Top 50 NHL Players (50-41)

By: Tomas Vessio – @TomasVessio15

Tomas Vessio
Head of NHL/Podcast Host

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The BRKDWN NHL team has compiled a list of the Top 50 NHL players from the past season in a series of articles that will most likely be released weekly into the month of October. Today’s list we are looking at 10 NHL players ranked 50 to 41 that have made and will continue to make an impact on their respective teams next year.

50. Max Pacioretty, Vegas Golden Knights, LW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 71 G: 32 A: 34 PTS: 66 +/-: 18

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 16 G: 5 A: 3 PTS: 8 +/-: – 2

Last Year Ranking: N/A

Number 67 gets the list started this year and really deserves to be a part of it. Max Pacioretty was a solid player for the Golden Knights this past year and did the thing he was brought in to do … SCORE.

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49. Matthew Tkachuk, Calgary Flames, LW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 69 G: 23 A: 38 PTS: 61 +/-: – 5

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 6 G: 1 A: 1 PTS: 2 +/-: 1

Last Year Ranking: N/A

A big part of the Calgary Flames offence and tone setting play, Matthew Tkachuk cracks the list this season. Tkachuk had a good season and set a career high for himself in GWG’s and Overtime goals. He looks to bring his team back to the postseason next year.

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48. Shea Theodore, Vegas Golden Knights, D

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 71 G: 13 A: 33 PTS: 46 +/-: 12

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 20 G: 7 A: 12 PTS: 19 +/-: 7

Last Year Ranking: N/A

Theodore really made an impact across the NHL this past playoffs in the bubble where he broke out amazingly. He was offensive, defensive and that’s the best combination you can ask out of a D-man. He set a ton of career highs this past year and really cemented himself amongst the best in his position.

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47. Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets, RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 71 G: 22 A: 43 PTS: 65 +/-: 1

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 0 A: 1 PTS: 1 +/-: – 5

Last Year Ranking: 26

A disappointing playoff for Wheeler and the Jets drops him down a few slots since last season’s rankings. Despite that Blake Wheeler had a solid year with the age that comes with him (34). Wheeler’s size, passing and IQ makes him a great player in the league still today.

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46. Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles Kings, C

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 70 G: 21 A: 41 PTS: 62 +/-: 6

Last Year Ranking: N/A

The slovenian Centremen had a great year considering the team he plays on and where they finished. Kopitar was by far the best King and has been for the past few years as captain. His two way play is one to admire and continues to put up good numbers in the NHL.

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45. Taylor Hall, Arizona Coyotes, LW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 65 G: 16 A: 36 PTS: 52 +/-: – 14

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 9 G: 2 A: 4 PTS: 6 +/-: – 4

Last Year Ranking: 32

What most likely will be one of the big fishes in Free Agency in a few weeks, Taylor Hall has developed a good Resume for good teams to offer up money and term. Hall this past year wasn’t his best but has shown the entire NHL what he’s capable of with good players around him.

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44. Travis Konecny, Philadelphia Flyers, RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 66 G: 24 A: 37 PTS: 61 +/-: – 1

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 16 G: 0 A: 7 PTS: 7 +/-: – 3

Last Year Ranking: N/A

The pain in the butt, Travis Konecny makes the list for the first time after a great season with the Flyers but a not so good playoff run. Konecny had a career year in basically all offensive departments of his game and he will continue to be that guy for the Flyers forward group.

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43. Andrei Svechnikov, Carolina Hurricanes, RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 68 G: 24 A: 37 PTS: 61 +/-: 9

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 6 G: 4 A: 3 PTS: 7 +/-: 7

Last Year Ranking: N/A

The young Russian talent had a tremendous sophomore season with the Hurricanes. Pulling off highlight real goals and plays, he really showed who he was the year to the whole NHL. He will be an upcoming star in the league for years to come because of his great scoring, grit and two way game that lifts his team every game night.

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42. Sean Couturier, Philadelphia Flyers, C

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 69 G: 22 A: 37 PTS: 59 +/-: 21

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 15 G: 2 A: 7 PTS: 9 +/-: 1

Last Year Ranking: N/A

Sean Couturier had a great year taking home the Selke Trophy for the first time in his career and recording 400 career points for the Flyers. Couturier also ranked first in faceoff percentage in the entire league among centermen playing over 50 games.

Highlight Play:

41. Quinn Hughes, Vancouver Canucks, D

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 68 G: 8 A: 45 PTS: 53 +/-: -10

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 17 G: 2 A: 14 PTS: 16 +/-: -2

Last Year Ranking: N/A

It could be daunting entering the NHL and instantly people labeling you as a number one D off the bat … not for Quinn Hughes who emerged literally almost perfectly. Hughes was offensively dominant for the Canucks and caught the eye of many fans across the NHL for his skating and high IQ. Although he didn’t pick up the Calder Trophy for Rookie of the Year, Hughes has a lot to look forward to in the future.