theBRKDWN’s 19/20 Top 50 NHL Players (10-1)

Tomas Vessio
Head of NHL/Podcast Host

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The BRKDWN NHL team has compiled a list of the Top 50 NHL players from the past season in a series of articles that will most likely be released weekly into the month of November. Today’s list we are looking at the NHL players ranked 10 to 1, which concludes that list and articles.

10. Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning, D

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 66 G: 11 A: 44 PTS: 55 +/-: 27

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 25 G: 10 A: 12 PTS: 22 +/-: 13

Last Year Rating: 17

The absolute monster defenceman from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Victor Hedman certainly deserves a top 10 spot for his play this season and the playoff performance he had. His 10 tallies were fourth most in the playoffs in 2020 and third all-time by a D-man in a playoff run which is insane.

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9. Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins, C

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 41 G: 16 A: 31 PTS: 47 +/-: – 8

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 2 A: 1 PTS: 3 +/-: 0

Last Year Rating: 3

The still dominant when healthy Sidney Crosby cracks the top 10 again because in a short amount of games played, he performed very well for his team. Crosby, at the age of 33, is still one of the NHL’s best most known players and will be forever but his team the (Pittsburgh Penguins) look to have a deeper playoff run than the past few seasons.

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8. Auston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs, C

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 70 G: 47 A: 33 PTS: 80 +/-: 19

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 5 G: 2 A: 4 PTS: 6 +/-: 19

Last Year Rating: 10

Auston Matthews lands at the eight slot here because of his elite scoring touch that league-wide is top notch. Matthews had himself a career-year in goals, points, power-play goals/points and faceoff percentage. He is the Maple Leafs best player moving forward and looks to finally bring them past the first round.

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7. Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals, LW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 68 G: 48 A: 19 PTS: 67 +/-: – 12

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 8 G: 4 A: 1 PTS: 5 +/-: – 1

Last Year Rating: 5

The Great Eight, Ovechkin yet again scores many goals and ties and shares the Rocket Richard trophy this past NHL season. Ovechkin scoring the way he is at the age he is, is pretty damn remarkable and mesmerizing to be quite honest. Ovechkin needs to play a few more years and score many more goals to best 99’s NHL record 894 goal clip. Will he do it … stay tuned.

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6. Nikita Kucherov, Tampa Bay Lightning, RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 68 G: 33 A: 52 PTS: 85 +/-: 26

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 25 G: 7 A: 27 PTS: 34 +/-: 15

Last Year Rating: 2

Nikita Kucherov is a Stanley Cup Champion, never thought that would be printed down into an article. Kucherov has been the Lightning’s top player for a couple of seasons now with his high point totals and elusive decision making and finally the work paid off a few months ago.

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5. Artemi Panarin, New York Rangers, RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 69 G: 32 A: 63 PTS: 95 +/-: 36

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 3 G: 1 A: 1 PTS: 2 +/-: – 3

Last Year Rating: 15

What a first impression Artemi Panarin left on the Big Apple after signing to a massive contract last summer. Panarin was nominated for the Hart Trophy and Ted Lindsay award which are both for MVP of the NHL. Panarin could have easily taken it home after the career season he displayed and the highlights he made. He now looks to get farther in the playoffs with an up and coming Rangers squad.

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4. David Pastrnak, Boston Bruins, RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 70 G: 48 A: 47 PTS: 95 +/-: 21

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 10 G: 3 A: 7 PTS: 10 +/-: – 3

Last Year Rating: 18

The Czech native had a terrific season with the Bruins in 2019/20 notching his first ever Rocket Richard trophy and a massive career high in points with 95. Pastrnak is one of the NHL’s young and bright stars that the younger audience will grow to love because of his ability to score, pass and skate at the highest of levels.

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3. Leon Draisaitl, Edmonton Oilers, C/RW

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 71 G: 43 A: 67 PTS: 110 +/-: – 7

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 3 A: 3 PTS: 6 +/-: 1

Last Year Rating: 13

The MVP of the entire NHL last season is well deserving of the spotlight across the league now. He’s not just McDavid’s partner in crime or passenger, he has grown into his own player and is an elite one for the Oilers. Recording the most points, assists and power-play points in the NHL earned him the Art Ross, Hart and Ted Lindsay awards.

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2. Nathan MacKinnon, Colorado Avalanche, C

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 69 G: 35 A: 58 PTS: 93 +/-: 13

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 15 G: 9 A: 16 PTS: 25 +/-: 13

Last Year Rating: 4

Nathan MacKinnon has molded into one the best players across the NHL the past few seasons after having an underwhelming first couple of years. He has the elite combo of skating, IQ, passing and shooting which makes him a threat in any game he plays. MacKinnon was nominated for the Hart and Lindsay awards, but didn’t end up taking them home instead he took home the Lady Byng.

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1. Connor McDavid, Edmonton Oilers, C

2019/20 Season Stats: GP: 64 G: 34 A: 63 PTS: 97 +/-: – 6

2020 Playoff Stats: GP: 4 G: 5 A: 4 PTS: 9 +/-: 1

Last Year Rating: 1

The best and most exciting player in the entire league ranks number one again and may stay in this slot for the rest of his career. McDavid just does things on a level that no one can and performs at any time in the game. McDavid looks to make a further push with the Oilers next year after disappointing runs in the past to finally lift up lord Stanley.

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