theBRKDWN: Grading All 31 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys

Joseph Caruso
NHL/MLB Analyst

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Throwback time! Today, the NHL and Addias announced their highly anticipated ‘Reverse Retro’ series in which they created an original third jersey for all 31 NHL teams. Let’s grade them!

Anaheim Ducks

A throwback to the iconic ‘Mighty Duck’ on which the team was originally created upon, this jersey is SWEET. 

Grade: A-

Arizona Coyotes

Really like how they combined old with the new, the purple pops and the desert design at the bottom with the crescent moon makes this one of a kind. 

Grade: B+ 

Boston Bruins

Another nostalgic throwback, the bear patches on the shoulders reminds me of the early 90s Bruins, the bright yellow is also a change from their traditional gold.

Grade: A-

Buffalo Sabres 

This was definitely a pleasant surprise. The colours are from the days of The Dominator Dominek Hasek and the two swords in the middle with the traditional Sabre head on the patches is cool.

Grade: A-

Calgary Flames

I’m not crazy about these jerseys, but as the Flames are already doing classic home and away jerseys, this was an obvious choice to revive. The Stallion makes sense in reference to the Calgary Stampede. 

Grade: B

Carolina Hurricanes

Fantastic choice to bring back the Whalers, all NHL fans will be pleased. The addition of a light gray makes it more modern as well.  

Grade: A

Chicago Blackhawks

Now this is a throwback. Originally worn during the 1940 and 50s, the logo is a classic and this looks really clean in 2020 as it did over 60 years ago. 

Grade: A-

Colorado Avalanche 

Easily the best jersey in the series. A mix of the Avalanche colours with the classic Nordiques logo. 

Grade: A+

Columbus Blue Jackets

The first jersey worn by the franchise with a large splash of red. Looks really American just like the roots of the team.

Grade: B+

Dallas Stars 

The first terrible jersey of the list. It looks like they forgot the deadline to submit a jersey and they submitted a half finished one. 

Grade: D

Detroit Red Wings

Back-to-back terrible jerseys and an Original Six one to boot. People may see it as simple and clean, but this looks like a complete lack of effort. 

Grade: D-

Edmonton Oilers

A nice rebound on the list. The jersey may look like the one they have now, but the logo just screams 80s Oilers with the little bit of colouring alone. Solid jersey. 

Grade: B+

Florida Panthers

Another pleasant surprise. I really like this one. The OG Panther logo is pretty iconic and the use of white in the sleeves is a modern touch. 

Grade: A-

Los Angeles Kings

A mix of the 70s colours and the early 90s jersey design? Sign me up. This is clean and plays in with Laker nation as well. 

Grade: A

Minnesota Wild 

This one is awesome. The Wild should just ditch their original colourway and switch to this one. The yellow in the logo pops and the colours are a throwback to the Minnesota North Stars.

Grade: A

Montreal Canadiens 

As a Montreal fan, this is a great jersey. The reverse colour way is much needed change as the Habs rarely change their traditional jersey. I’m definitely getting this one. 

Grade: A

Nashville Predators

While I do like the throwback to the Sabertooth logo, this almost looks like a carbon copy of a jersey they used to wear in the 2000s. 

Grade: C+

New Jersey Devils 

A throwback to the 80s Devils. The original green is unique and what made the logo jerseys iconic. The clean stripes on the sleeves are a modern touch.

Grade: B+

New York Islanders

This is literally their jersey but a darker blue… classic Lou Lamoriello. 

Grade: D

New York Rangers

A throwback to the late 90s during Gretzky’s last stint in the NHL, Lady Liberty is a perfect touch to represent the heart of New York.

Grade: B+

Ottawa Senators

Similar to Calgary, Ottawa is also doing other throwback jerseys this year. This red one is a perfect alternate to their traditional home and away and the logo is iconic. 

Grade: B+

Philadelphia Flyers

The switch between the white and black on the sleeves is a mixed bag for me. I like their traditional look with the black on the forearms and white shoulders but the black does pop on this jersey. 

Grade: B-

Pittsburgh Penguins

Really like the classic look to the mid 90s Penguins with this logo. The traditional penguin logo on the shoulder patches makes this a very solid jersey. 

Grade: B+

St. Louis Blues

This is a loud jersey and I like it. The original jersey this is based on reverses the blue and red and I think it works for the most part. The gold and blue collar is clean as well.

Grade: B+

San Jose Sharks 

I like the classic logo, but the grey is a little stale for my taste. The sleeves are cool but it doesn’t save it from being a truly great jersey. 

Grade: B-

Tampa Bay Lightning 

The classic look of the early 90s jerseys with the sharp blue is a clean look. The logo is so 90s and it works with this jersey. 

Grade: B+

Toronto Maple Leafs

I’m convinced the logo was accidentally enlarged and they just went with it because it takes up way too much of the jersey. Just a really poor attempt for another Original Six team.

Grade: D

Vancouver Canucks 

I don’t know what they were thinking with this blending of navy and green in the middle and it just looks like too many ideas and not much execution. I do like the classic logo though. 

Grade: C-

Vegas Golden Knights

I get Vegas has only been in the league three years, but surely there could have been a better concept than this. I understand the reverse colours at the bottom of the jersey, but it just doesn’t work for me. 

Grade: D+

Washington Capitals 

Classic logo and look from the Capitals with some welcome changes. I like the Capitals written on the bottom diagonally. The shoulder patch with the white house is a nice touch. 

Grade: A-

Winnipeg Jets

Classic logo but weird and boring colours. There is no red present in this look but way too much grey and the jersey just doesn’t look very exciting to purchase or to see them wear.  

Grade: C-

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