Sports Movie Sunday: The Mighty Ducks (1992) Movie Review

Cast: Emilio Esteves, Joshua Jackson, Shaun Weiss, Brandon Quintin Adams & Vincent LaRusso

Director: Stephen Herek


Emilio Esteves (Gordon Bombay), a young lawyer from Minnesota, gets arrested for drunk driving and must coach a youth hockey team for community service. Bombay has had past hockey experience as he was the star of his youth team back in the day but missed a game-winning penalty shot to lose the championship that year. He’s now tasked with coaching the team from District 5 in Minnesota, a youth team that has no equipment or rink to play on other than the ice on the pond.


This is another story about an underdog overcoming odds to rise to the top. Bombay has to overcome his own demons as he still lives with the regret of losing the championship as a kid, in addition  to taking over a group of kids that don’t seem to even know what a hockey puck is in the beginning of the season.  

After some losses to start the season, Bombay goes to his boss Gerald Ducksworth (Josef Sommer) for money to fund the team.  They agree to name the team the Ducks. Combined with some “mid-season” recruits the Ducks get their first point in the standings with a tie.      

Upon review it has come to Bombay’s attention that star player for the Hawks, Adam Banks (Vincent LaRusso), has been playing for the wrong team due to the districts realigning. Banks eventually comes and plays for the Ducks helping the team surge up the standings and become relevant for the rest of the season — but is it be enough to help the Ducks win the championship?   

In the end, the kids of the District 5 Ducks show that there is no “I” in team and how hard work and teamwork can go a long way to being successful.

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