The COD G.O.A.T Debate

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

With being a fan of any sport comes debate with your friends. Fans will discuss who’s the better team, better shooter, etc but no matter what sport you are a fan of at some point the debate on the Greatest of All Time will break out eventually. For hockey there’s Gretzky, basketball has Michael Jordan vs Lebron James, golf has Tiger, and baseball has a hundred different players depending on who you ask on whatever day. The debate exists in professional Call of Duty as well and with the recent success of Clayster it was brought back up again and took the COD community by storm. Like any sport not everyone agrees on who the true G.O.A.T. is but there seems to be a pretty set base on the top four. Here we will lay out the cases for Scump, Clayster, Crimsix, and Karma to narrow down who is the true G.O.A.T. of COD.

Damon “Karma” Barlow

Karma is the only one here that is retired from professional COD, but his impact still can be felt in the game today.  Known as Mr. 3X, Karma was the first player in COD history to win three different world championships. He ranks third all time in league history with 24 major tournament wins and fourth all time in earnings with a total of $764,200 won throughout his career. 

The debate on who the greatest isn’t always narrowed down to only stats, cultural and historical importance come into play as well. With Karma comes the thought that he was the original GOAT and was helping the game grow competitively with play after play that blew the scene away. As a member of the “greatest dynasty” in COD, Optic Gaming, Karma’s history will forever be cemented. His argument for G.O.A.T. is more of a conversation piece and will disappear as more young stars grow within the new Call of Duty League, but for longtime fans Karma will always mean something.

Seth “Scump” Abner

If you talk about competitive COD then you have to mention Scump. He’s been in the scene for over 10 years and has spent the majority of his career with the largest brand in the game, Optic. Scump currently sits second all time in wins with 29 and third all time in winnings at $819,140. He’s been the face of COD for years now and the league probably owes most to him in terms of helping it advance their agenda.

The debate for Scump comes down to what you value. There’s not been a COD, outside of WWII, that Scump and any team he was on weren’t seen as contenders. He was part of the great Optic Dynasty, placed third at the world championships in Black Ops Four, third in Modern Warfare, and was a world champ in Infinite Warfare. When it matters you rarely get to a match that matters that a Scump team doesn’t have some sort of say in. With all great debates there comes the argument of rings. Though he’s the second winningest player in COD history he only has one world championship to his name. His biggest supporters will argue that without him there is no major COD scene today and his biggest naysayers will count the rings. Opinions could change depending on how the rest of CDL 2021 plays out as his Optic team seems to be finally figuring things out at the correct time. No matter your ranking of Scump it’s fair to say the King will always be a legend in the eyes of past, current, and future COD fans.

Ian “Crimsix” Porter

The man, the myth, the memeable Legend Crimsix can only be argued as the best or at worst second best player in COD history. No one has won more events in their career or won more money than Crimsix has in his time. As a member of two separate dynasties Crimsix has been able to win three different world championships himself which puts him at a level few have touched. 

It’s hard to argue against the easy stats, no one has won more and won more money than this man. Not only has he won, but he’s won from start to finish. Like Scump no matter what team Crimsix is on you have to consider them as competitors. He was able to lead his Dallas Empire squad to the world championship in year one of the new Call of Duty League, was a key part of the best dynasty in COD history, and part of the first dynasty the game had ever seen. Another argument is that whenever Crimsix is on a team he stays. Yes, there’s rumors that he can cause some issues with past teammates but he’s consistently stayed on the same teams when he makes his runs.  He hasn’t been the issue on any team that is winning. He also owns a MVP title and X Games gold medal to his name.

James “Clayster” Eubanks

The man who’s recent success reignited the conversation on who’s the G.O.A.T, Clayster. One of three champs who have won three world championships in COD and he’s also won back to back world championships with wins in 2019 and 2020. He comes in fifth all time in wins, though being an active competitor since 2007, and second all time in earrings with a total of $1,075,779. A lot of his success has come recently, but with how his success has occurred is what’s caused the conversation to reignite.

In 2019 Clayster, with help from Rookie of the Year Simp, won the world championship with eUnited and then won another title in 2020 with the Dallas Empire. His first title was won in 2015 in Advanced Warfare with his Denial team.  Clayster has been tossed around more than a mismatched sock over the last few years. After winning in 2019 and watching the league turn into the CDL he wasn’t kept together like most of his original eUnited team was. After winning in 2020 with the Dallas Empire he was dropped again due the games moving back to 4v4. He’s now a member of the New York Subliners and once again has the team he’s on winning again. Most recently he had his team in the finals of the third major for the season.  Wherever Clayster goes, winning seems to follow. If he’s able to pull off a third straight world championship with a third different team in that same amount of time then he’s got every right to argue for the G.O.A.T. 


The G.O.A.T.

It’s easy to hate him, but Crimsix is the G.O.A.T. of COD. Three time world champ, more wins than anyone else, and has made more money than anyone in the history of the game off of performance. It can be argued that Karma was the first to do it, Scump means more to the game, and Clayster wins no matter who he plays with but Crimsix keeps coming out on top when it matters. He’s not at the point where he can’t be unseated, but he’s close to putting himself at a level that will take an otherworldly run to beat. There’s talent in the league right now with guys like Simp that could be seen as more skill based talent, but until one of them wins like Crim then he’s the best to ever do it when it comes to COD. Your game isn’t a true sport until fans start arguing about things that have no definitive answer so it’s time to get the debate going. 

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