The Beginning of Living the Dream

If you like NBA drama, this read is for you! Check out my first article for theBRKDWNsports. Stay tuned for weekly articles to come!

I’m Darryl and I’m the new guy, brought in to give theBRKDWN readers more great NBA content. The NBA product is wonderful, you must agree! We have drama, excitement, and heartbreak all in one place. I’ve been a fan of the game since 1987 (yes, that long). I’m a Lakers fan … by mistake. Yes, the Lakers; and it was all because of a pair of purple and yellow Cons shoes I wore incessantly while living in the Philippines the year prior. I come from the Jordan era, so I’m a fan of the player first before any team. The best team will always be the team that covers.

I’ve watched the NBA for a long time. I’ve also taken some long breaks from the game as well. It wasn’t until I moved to Vegas in 2010 where I learned the gambling side of it. Living in Las Vegas, aka Lost Wages, only gives you a crash course in sports betting; and if you don’t get an understanding of simple sports betting, you will be hung out to dry very quickly. Sports gambling is a cutthroat industry and sharks are easily waiting for their next meal. This is where I come in.

As a corporate man in sales, I’ve learned the importance of risk-taking. Risk determines if you’re the top guy or if you’re easily the next man packing up your office space. Sports betting is the same. I look at games from an angle where I provide the least amount of risk. I’ve done it by starting an experiment this year called, ‘Bankroll2020’ and it’s been profitable so far. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO JOIN … here’s the skinny.

I decided to look at betting as investing, and it’s led me to create an account where I don’t withdraw any funds until the end of the year (optional). My account is treated like a 401K. I make it my job to find a way to add at least $100 a day to this account by looking for easy angles in my investments. The rule is, I NEVER touch my winnings and I only play the easiest plays available. Some days, I don’t have any safe plays, therefore, I don’t invest in that account. Other days, I may have serious action and win. In any scenario, I can NEVER withdraw money from this account. What happens if I lose all my winnings, you may ask? The game is over, and you must decide to either start again or stay away. 

Let’s apply this strategy moving forward, because there are great games in store this week. Let’s take a journey and figure it out as we go.

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