Terrific Toffoli

Tomas Vessio
Head of NHL/Podcast Host

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A steal of a deal for a terrific player is what the Montreal Canadiens got in Tyler Toffoli when they put pen to paper in Free Agency of 2020. Toffoli has been undeniably their most exciting and best player this entire year including the regular season and Stanley Cup playoffs.

It’s safe to say in a full and normal season Tofolli would have been on pace to have the best season in his NHL career but this is definitely his most impressive. It is even more impressive considering this is his first full season with this historic franchise which causes some players to crack under the pressure. Notching 28 goals this regular season was very eye-catching and impressive considering he hadn’t hit the 20 goal mark dating back to the 2017/18 NHL season where he got 24 in 82 games played. 

Scoring big goals and making big plays this whole year was in Toffoli’s weapon bag that couldn’t be said about other years because he was the teams (Montreal Canadiens) biggest scoring threat up front. He was so great at scoring that he led all Candiens in goals with 28 which was 11 more than the second leading scorer Josh Anderson who had 17. 

The worst part about all this is the team he departed from that didn’t offer him a new contract to have him back, which was the Vancouver Canucks who could have desperately used his services this season. He absolutely smoked his former team every game this year in the North Division scoring seven goals against them. A lot of credit has to be given to GM Marc Bergeinvin who got number 73 to his team for what’s looking like a great deal now. 

Now fast forwarding to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Toffoli and the Candiens have upset and run down the Maple Leafs and Jets in just a seven day spand which no one saw coming. Toffili has performed great leading his team in playoff goals, assists, points, power-play points and game winning goals thus far. A massive part of the team and very key contributor to the success and offence, Toffoli must lead this team into the conference finals with a strong push to win the franchises 25th Stanley Cup. He has done his part already with an OT winner to elsimate the Jets, but can he do it against a team like Colorado or Vegas… we shall wait and see.