Tue. Dec 10th, 2019

Pinnacle Sportsbook Review

Pinnacle is a highly regarded sportsbook in the gambling community, boasting a “Winners Welcome” slogan. They offer lines on all of the major sports, as well as many future bets prior to the season starting. Pinnacle has been a market-setting bookmaker since they were formed in 1998 and are considered a sharp book posting the most competitive lines well in advance of game time. Lines are offered in American and Decimal with reduced juice (5 percent). If you’re looking for huge sign up bonuses or other rollover taxed player rewards, you won’t find them at Pinnacle. Pinnacle has opened their doors to both professional bettors and the Average Joe. They focus their efforts on providing the best lines and very high betting limits to their clients, rather than flashy promos with hidden rollover requirements. Unfortunately, if you are looking for crazy Super Bowl prop bets, you won’t find those at Pinnacle either. 

Pinnacle’s website offers many different views for its users including Beta, Asian, Classic, and Future. Each of Pinnacle’s different views are clean and easy to understand, making cross-sport parlays as easy to enter as a straight bet. The Pinnacle team offers email support 24/7/365, but one of the biggest complaints about Pinnacle is their lack of phone support. Pinnacle provides many betting resources through their website, including different betting calculators, handicap tables, and match preview articles. Rarely are odds not available for live betting games on Pinnacle’s website. These odds can change quickly, so take advantage of reviewing your bet before submitting when live betting.

Pinnacle has many options for deposits and withdrawals through there website including Bitcoin, Visa, and Bank Transfer. Each deposit/withdrawal method has different limits per month, but I have never had an issue withdrawing money from the site. Usually, you can expect to have a withdrawal within a few business days.



  • Sharp lines
  • Winners welcome
  • Lines set well in advance of game time
  • Safety of Funds
  • No hidden rollovers


  • No promos/bonuses
  • No unique, crazy props
  • Does not allow US players

I use Pinnacle regularly and really only use other books to compare odds. I have never once had an issue with Pinnacle. 

Instagram did not return a 200.