Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Over/Under Extravaganza: CFB Week 6, NFL Week 5

Apologies to everyone for missing last week’s extravaganza after going a pitiful 1-5 on the prior week’s picks, life got in the way. Anyways, you should know the drill by now… I pick three NCAA and three NFL games and quickly explain why I’m liking either the over or under. Now let’s get to the fun stuff. 

Last Week: N/A

YTD: 8-10

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Oklahoma vs Kansas: OVER 67.5

This was one of the games I brought up on our podcast, Campus to Campus. (Click here to listen and leave a five star review if you want your team to ever win again.) On one side we have an offense, led by a Heisman favorite, who breaks NCAA records every week, and on the other side we have… Kansas. Oklahoma honestly should score over 80 on their own and win this game by at least 60. It’s going to be such a beatdown, the Lawrenceville Police Department’s twitter account is going to go viral again. 

Ohio State vs Michigan State: OVER 49.5 

This game honestly confuses me. Maybe it’s because I’m a Michigan fan and would rather a meteor hit Columbus midway through the third quarter than to actually see one of these teams win. I’m seeing so many people thinking this is going to be a close game, but Ohio State is favored by 20 points. Michigan State is starting to find their offense, but their defense is atrocious and Ohio State is looking like the best team in the country. If you’re feeling frisky, take the over and take the Spartans +20. This feels like a heavy back-door cover kind of game. 

Auburn vs Florida: OVER 48.5

I honestly hate the lines on this game. Part of me thinks Florida is overrated and will come crashing down soon, and the other part has a feeling that Auburn Quarterback, Bo Nix, will have his first of a few “Freshman moments”. Both teams have good defenses and this is the biggest game each quarterback has played so far in their short college careers. But, 48.5 just feels extremely low for a primetime, SEC, top-10 matchup. Whatever. You’re supposed to hate the picks you make right? That’s how you really make the big bucks. 

New England vs Washington: OVER 42

This game is nearly identical to my thought process of Oklahoma/Kansas. Redskins’ head coach Jay Gruden knows he’s likely getting fired next week, so he’s going out with a bang by naming Colt McCoy the starting Quarterback for this game. I understand not wanting to throw out your first round pick, Dwayne Haskins against the best pass defense for his first start, but McCoy has a realistic chance of breaking the record for most interceptions thrown in a game. The Patriots should score over 42 on their own, therefore hammer the over. 

Jacksonville vs Carolina: OVER 40

If you knew anything about us at The BRKDWN, you would know that we are arguably the biggest Gardner Minshew fans. Therefore we always get on the Jaguars to win and score at least 69 points every game… (Nice.) But, if you want real analysis, 40 seems way too low for this game. Both Kyle Allen and Minshew have played exceptionally well after replacing their injured starters, and that should continue especially with Christian McCaffrey staying dominant and Leonard Fournette finding his groove this season in a two-back system. 

Chicago vs Oakland: OVER 40.5

I know I know. I’m the only one suggesting this game will go over, but I have good reasoning. This game is in ol’ fancy Londontown. Most of the games played across the pond have been high scoring affairs, no matter how terrible the teams have been. Both teams have pitiful offenses, but they’ll somehow come to life this Sunday. Maybe it’s the pregame tea time with Meghan Markle or something. Plus this is the Khalil Mack revenge game and I fully expect him to rip both Derek Carr’s and Jon Gruden’s heads off. 

PS. Just realized I picked all Overs this week. Oh well. You know how the old saying goes, “Life’s too short to bet the Under.” 

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