NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Jordan W
Founder/el Jefe

"First I figured out where the sharp action was, where the guys who had a plan were, the guys who grinded." - Bobby Axelrod (Billions)

Each week, I will provide the updated power rankings – based on my predictive model as originally outlined in an article I released earlier this season.

I will notate the position in power rankings for each team from the previous week – to allow our readers to see how projections adjust over the course of the season. A team moving up or down in the rankings, may not mean I changed their ranking… It could be that other teams were upgraded/downgraded accordingly.

Moving forward, this will be released on Tuesday/Wednesday of every week and will feature some commentary and highlights of the teams. 

Let’s jump right into it.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 1, PS: 2)⇔

The Chiefs defense still shows sign of weakness, but it is hard to argue against KC at the #1 spot.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (LW: 2, PS: 1)⇔

Ravens got right against the Football Team and continue to look like one of the elite teams.

  1. Buffalo Bills (LW: 3, PS: 6)⇔
  1. Green Bay Packers (LW: 6, PS: 16)⇑
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 4, PS: 12)⇓

After a forced COVID related bye, Pittsburgh is back in action this week.

  1. Cleveland Browns (LW: 9, PS: 17)⇑

Browns put up 49 points against the hapless Cowboys defense, but lost Nick Chubb for at least 4 weeks in the process.

  1. Los Angeles Rams (LW: 5, PS: 15)⇓

Rams won an uninspiring game against the Giants, hopefully they have more energy moving forward…

  1. Seattle Seahawks (LW: 7, PS: 11)⇓
  1. Tennessee Titans (LW: 8, PS: 14)⇓

After a forced COVID related bye, Tennessee is back in action this week.

  1. Indianapolis Colts (LW: 10, PS: 9)⇔

While not an exciting game, the Colts squeezed out another one. After a slippery start against Jacksonville, the Colts have been rolling ever since.

  1. Tampa Bay Bucs (LW: 11, PS: 10)⇔
  1. New England Patriots (LW: 14, PS: 8)⇑

Despite a loss, the Patriots projected wins moved up as Cam appears likely to return this or next week.

  1. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 13, PS: 3)⇔
  1. Dallas Cowboys (LW: 12, PS: 5)⇓
  1. New Orleans Saints (LW: 15, PS: 4)⇔
  1. Arizona Cardinals (LW: 16, PS: 18)⇔
  1. Los Angeles Chargers (LW: 18, PS: 19)⇑
  1. Chicago Bears (LW: 17, PS: 24)⇓

Bears fans are now getting to enjoy what Rams, Eagles, and Jaguars fans have all experienced… What a shame.

  1. Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 21, PS: 7)⇑
  1. Detroit Lions (LW: 19, PS: 20)⇓

Matt Patricia got some ‘splainin to do.

  1. Las Vegas Raiders (LW: 21, PS: 7)⇔

Josh Jacobs is a BAD man. In other news…

  1. Minnesota Vikings (LW: 23, PS: 13)⇑

Despite the #1 rated WR duo (per PFF), the Vikings STILL run the ball incessantly on early downs.

  1. Miami Dolphins (LW: 22, PS: 26)⇓

Fitzmagic confirmed under center for week 5…

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 25, PS: 31)⇑
  1. Carolina Panthers (LW: 26, PS: 30)⇑

With Joe Brady calling plays and a solid defensive presence, the Panthers are tough and the future is bright.

  1. Denver Broncos (LW: 27, PS: 22)⇑

Broncos should probably be in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes… But here we are.

  1. Atlanta Falcons (LW: 28, PS: 21)⇑
  1. Washington Football Team (LW: 29, PS: 28)⇑

Aside from Rivera, some key defensive pieces and Terry McLaurin there isn’t much to be excited about.

  1. Houston Texans (LW: 24, PS: 23)⇓

The BoB era is over… It is almost sad.

  1. New York Giants (LW: 30, PS: 29)⇔
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 31, PS: 32)⇔
  1. New York Jets (LW: 32, PS: 27)⇔