New York Jets 2020 Game By Game Predictions

With the NFL releasing its week by week schedule on Thursday I take a look at the week by week games the New York Football Jets will play this upcoming season predicting wins, losses and scores.

  • Week 1 @ Buffalo 1PM Loss 35-17 (0-1)

Once again, the Jets will open up against the Bills. This time they travel to Orchard Park to open up the year. After a disappointing loss last year, losing 17-16, at MetLife and giving up 17 unanswered points, the Jets lost Sam Darnold for weeks and C.J. Mosley for the year in that game. Frank Gore will return to his former home as this is one of those typical revenge games. On many levels this game is all about revenge for the Jets, but they will fall short once again.

  • Week 2 vs 49ers 1PM Loss 28-10 (0-2)

The Jets will open up MetLife this year against last year’s NFC Champions, the 49ers. They should have been the Super Bowl champions, but that’s for another conversation. Last time I recall the 49ers coming to New Jersey it was a legit 49ers home game, as the lower bowl was filled with 49er fans. This might be more of a home game for San Fran rather than the Jets.

  • Week 3 @ Indianapolis 4:05PM Win 21-17 (1-2)

The Jets head back on the road to face the Colts. Under new quarterback Phillip Rivers, the Colts look to improve off their 7-9 record from 2019. I’m sure it will take Rivers some time to adjust to his new team and surroundings. With a Jets defense that looks to be better than last year’s and a turnover-happy Rivers can only mean a win for Gang Green.

  • Week 4 vs Broncos TNF 8:20PM Win 24-13 (2-2)

Bouncing back after a short week, the Jets are coming back home from Indy to take on the Broncos, while Denver is coming in on a short week. WIth that said, I normally would back the team with no travel but since both teams are traveling I would have to give the edge to New York; not only for being home, but because we are unsure of the expectations from Drew Lock.

  • Week 5 vs Cardinals 1PM Win 17-14 (3-2)

Playing in their second consecutive home game, the Jets will be keeping it local against 2nd year quarterback Kyler Murray. In some strange weird way he is 5th in the betting world for winning the MVP (P. Maholms, L. Jackson, R. WIlson and T. Brady are ahead of him). Nothing I have seen from Murray makes me believe that he should be in the same conversation with those 4 greats. This game is going to be a sloppy low scoring game with a lot of turnovers with the Jets squeezing by with a late field goal.

  • Week 6 @ Los Angeles Chargers 4:05PM Win 28-16 (4-2)

The Jets head back on the road to L.A. to take on the L.A. Galaxy… I mean Chargers (sorry wrong type of football), where basically any road team that plays there becomes the home team. Historically, the Jets have played awful against the Chargers going 12-22-1; only winning 5 times in San Diego / Los Angeles but it’s a new era for L.A. Justin Herbert will be leading the way and he is going to be special, just not this year.

  • Week 7 vs Bills 1PM Loss 35-17 (4-3)

A new era is starting in the AFC East. That time is upon us as Tom Brady has moved onto Tampa Bay and the Bills seem to be the new cream of the crop. I still can’t unsee the loss against the Bills at home from 2018, when Matt Barkley and co. put up 41 on the Jets in a 41-10 route. I’m not surprised by this; as a matter of fact, I should get used to this as the Bills are the temporary placeholder of the East for until the Patriots draft Trevor Lawrence next year (more on that later).

  • Week 8 @ Kansas City 1PM Loss 38-13 (4-4)

This one is an easy one; as much as I love slam dunk types of games, this is one of them, but in the wrong type of way. Not only is this game against Kansas City, but it’s in Kansas City… Jets lose in blowout fashion in back to back weeks.

  • Week 9 MNF vs Patriots 8:15PM Win 28-24 (5-4)

So remember when I mentioned the Patriots before and Trevor Lawrence? Yeah, this might be the only time the Jets have a chance at sweeping the Patriots. Will they? Of course not. Maybe Sam Darnold won’t see ghosts this year and get some sort of revenge from last year and finally get his first win against the AFC East Rival.

  • Week 10 @ Miami 4:05PM Loss 23-13 (5-5)

Don’t sleep on Miami this year. They’ve improved a lot during the draft. The Tua era will likely begin next year and maybe the Dolphins have some Fitzmagic left in Fitzpatrick to split the series with New York.

  • Week 11 BYE 5-5 Currently 
  • Week 12 vs Dolphins 1PM Win 24-17 (6-5)

Jets take the split as I mentioned above; nothing to report on other than your typical Jets fighting to beat a team they should beat easily; as they score late and rally back for a come-from-behind victory.

  • Week 13 vs Raiders 1PM Win 28-13 (7-5)

After a thrilling come-from-behind victory the following week against Miami, the Jets will play host to the struggling Raiders. At this point, coach John Grudden has had enough of Carr as the QB and he is struggling for answers. The Raiders will be looking to replace him in the upcoming draft.

  • Week 14 @ Seattle 4:05PM Loss 31-16 (7-6)

Just like I mentioned with the Chiefs, this is another slam dunk but in a bad way if you’re a Jets fan. The real MVP candidate shines in Russell Wilson and the Hawks will roll over the Jets.

  • Week 15 @ Los Angeles Rams TBA Loss 23-14 (7-7)

Staying on the west coast, the Jets travel to L.A. to take on the Rams. Coming off the bye week, they have taken care of business beating teams they should have in Miami and Las Vegas, improving to 7-5. They’ll stumble and fall to Seattle and eventually the Rams will be making the playoff push harder than it should be with two weeks to play.

  • Week 16 vs Browns TBA Loss 28-17 (7-8)

The Browns improved from last year. Chubb has become a star running back, they have Odell Beckham Jr. and Landry as wide outs and they have gotten stronger on the defensive side of the ball as well. With possible playoff hopes for the Jets coming into this week, they will have their sights set past this week and this will be a classic Jets letdown game causing them to miss out on the playoffs.

  • Week 17 @ New England 1PM Win 21-10 (8-8)

As mentioned prior when they Jets faced New England, the Patriots aren’t dumb. Starting Stidham is part of the plan…of tanking without saying it. I figure New England as 6-7 win team and this game won’t necessarily mean they will be close to the #1 overall pick but losing it can go a long way for New England. In this draft, New England will make plans to trade up to get the new Tom Brady in Trevor Lawrence.

Final Record 8-8 – Missing Playoffs

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