NBA Future Bets: Regular Season Wins

We finally are enjoying some NBA basketball, somewhat. The pre-season just kicked-off in Houston with the Rockets taking on the Shanghai Sharks in a “heated” contest (Houston won 140-71), but it is professional basketball nonetheless!

Now that we are just a hot-minute away from the NBA calendar year starting up, I decided to check-out some future bets that have some worth. Luckily, I found some very interesting spots of value on some regular season win totals, odds to win a couple awards, and on a NBA 19/20 Champion.

Regular Season Win Totals Future Bets

#1) Houston Rockets: Under 52.5 Wins (-118)

This definitely isn’t one of the craziest bets for the upcoming NBA year. There aren’t many people who believe in the James Harden/Russell Westbrook duo, with both needing the ball to be good. 

However, that isn’t my main reason for picking the Rockets to win under 52.5 games.

Here is the real reason: the Western Conference is going to be incredible this year. The Lakers and Clippers obviously got much better with Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and Paul George on in L.A. now. A 50-win Grizzlies team added Mike Conley Jr. and Bojan Bogdanovic. Both the Nuggets and Blazers are reloaded and hungry to make a run atop the West, again. Not to mention, there are young, hungry teams in the Kings, Pelicans, and Mavericks who are looking to claw into the postseason.

With all that talent, and a suspect Rockets team, it will be tough for them to find 53 wins.

#2) Charlotte Hornets: Under 23.5 Wins (-111)

There is no denying it: the Hornets are going to stink this year. 

They weren’t good last year, but were able to get 39 wins behind All-NBA point guard Kemba Walker in a watered-down Eastern Conference. Now, both of the aforementioned points are not there. They gave up Kemba for literally nothing and almost every team in the East got better. Charlotte even lost their second-leading scorer in Jeremy Lamb, totaling a loss of 40 points per game. 

And the Hornets decided to go out and pay….. Terry Rozier and his 9 PPG to lead the team?

23.5 may not seem like much to scrape together in an entire season, but don’t underestimate a tanking team – three teams won under 20 last year – and this Charlotte team may be worse than all of them this season.

#3) Milwaukee Bucks: Over 55.5 Wins (-154)

Yes, all of the teams in the East got better, hurting bad teams like the Hornets. However, none of the teams got much better (expect the Nets), giving an incredible team that didn’t lose anything an even better opportunity to win more games.

The Bucks won 60 games last year and took the top spot, beating out the Kawhi-led Raptors, Kyrie-led Celtics, Embiid/Simmons-led Sixers, and Oladipo-led Pacers. Now, Kawhi is in L.A., Kyrie is on Nets team that will be much overhyped until Durant’s return, the Celtics are going in a new direction with Kemba but lost Al Horford, and Oladipo is out for a good chunk of the season. 

That leaves only the Bucks and Sixers to slug it out at the top of the East, with both being head and shoulders above the rest of the Eastern Conference. 

Milwaukee still has Giannis, kept the rest of their core, and even added a couple solid veteran role players in Kyle Korver and Robin Lopez. Expect them to get back to that 60 win mark again this year. 

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