National League Power Rankings

Danny DeAngelis
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Week 1 National League Power Rankings for theBRKDWN Sports

  1. Dodgers (Projected Record 37-23)

It’s plain and simple, the Dodgers are the best team in the National League and there is an argument they are the best team in the MLB. The typical role players of Bellinger, Seager, Kershaw and Buhler will continue to be stars, and adding in Mookie Betts to a huge trade and contract might finally have what it takes to get over the hump to to capture a World Series.

  1. Braves (Projected Record 32-28)

After the Dodgers it’s basically everyone else in the league. The Braves are in my opinion the best of that “everyone else”. Everyone loves watching Acuna play and Albies is slowly turning into a star in the league. Led by their pitching, they will compete and could knock off the Dodgers.

  1. Padres (Projected Record 31-29)

San Diego made a lot of improvements this offseason, suring up their bullpen and adding LHP Drew Pomeranz to an already stacked rotation. One of the biggest “moves” was getting back a healthy Tatis who was hitting .317 / 22 HR / 53 RBI in only 84 games before injury.

  1. Cardinals (Projected Record 31-29)

It is the St. Louis division to lose. They are the most well rounded team in the division and in a division that has an awful team like the Pirates and I know with the Reds it will be a two-team race come September between themselves and the Brewers.

  1. Phillies (Projected Record 29-31)

In a crowded N.L. East, the Phillies look to bounce back from a disappointing 2019 season where they finished fourth. Adding Zach Wheeler to a deep rotation will help, and another season with the core team will go a long way for improvement.

  1. Nationals (Projected Record 33-27)

Awful news broke that All-Star outfielder Juan Soto tested positive for COVID-19 and he will be sidelined for at least two weeks … how long is two weeks? About 12 games and 20 percent of the season. That’s a lot in the short season. They will rely on pitching to get them by.

  1. D-Backs (Projected Record 31-29)

Arizona tied up one of its biggest loose-ends by signing big game pitcher Madison Bumgardner in the offseason to add to an already deep rotation. If the Dodgers struggle a little bit, it leaves the window open for Arizona to try and fight for the N.L. West title.

  1. Brewers (Projected Record 32-28)

The Brewcrew’s Achilles heel is pitching. It’s not really there other than Brandon Woodruff. They still have a good lineup but hitting your way to the postseason can only get you so far, but they are better than the other teams in the divison by a long shot.

  1. Mets (Projected Record 33-27)

The Mets are high on this list currently for the simple fact of depth. But they have no Noah or Stromam for the rest season. Having Cespedes as a DH helps a lot, but with a rotation of just deGrom and Matz is a major blow to what could have been a real good rotation in the East.

  1. Cubs (Projected Record 32-28)

As a known commodity in the N.L., the Cubbies are slowly declining. They can hit with the best of them, but their pitching is suspect. It’s going to be a sprint to 32/35 wins and they can do it if the pitching holds up.

  1. Reds (Projected Record 33-27)

The Reds are the most interesting team in the NL as they have all the pieces to win it now as they showed toward the end of last season they are ready to push for a N.L. Central crown. They just need to prove it.

  1. Rockies (Projected Record 28-32)

Colorado is your typical middle-of-the-road team. A lot of that has to do with talent and a lot of it has to do with playing in Coors Field. They do indeed have the talent to compete, but not enough pitching to help them win games at home. They need to be better than .500 on the road to have a chance, and they are already in a division with the Dodgers and D-Backs.

  1. Giants (Projected Record 24-36)

Remember when the Giants were winning a World Series every even year? Yeah, seems like forever ago. Now the aging Giants have no real direction. After catching fire late last year, they kept prized trade-chip Madison Bumgardner instead of trading him to help for a rebuild. They have players on the team, but they are aging and it’s showing.

  1. Marlins (Projected Record 26-34)

Unlike the team below that has no direction, the Marlins actually did well in the shortened Spring Training, going 13-7 and have a lot to look forward to with a lot of top prospects for the future in Sixto Sanchez, Jesus Sanchez and Braxton Garrett just to name a few. It’s going to get worse before it gets better in South Beach, but they are going down a rebuild path much like the Blue Jays and Rays.

  1. Pirates (Projected Record 26-34)

There is nothing to like about the Pirates other than Josh Bell, who will be suffering on a team that still doesn’t have any sort of direction for the future. It’s going to be a long 60 games in Pittsburgh.

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