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MyBookie: A Review Confirming Honesty is the Best Policy 

This is an honest review from an active MyBookie user. TheBRKDWN was not provided any solicitations from MyBookie for the writing of this article. While many players use online sportsbooks, some are fortunate enough to have Legal Sports betting in their state. Learn how to legally bet sports online within the US. 

Launched in 2014, MyBookie was lucky enough to be at the forefront of the online sports, and casino betting industry. It didn’t take long for the platform to turn into one of the premier online sports wagering platforms due to its unique betting lines/prop bets, responsive customer service and knowledgeable sports writing. MyBookie provides bettors “lines” on a plethora of sports including: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, Soccer, Boxing, MMA, Motorsports and E-Sports. Hell, they’ll even let you bet on Donald Trump to be the 2020 Presidential Elect for the Republican Party. Here, at TheBRKDWN, we want to lay out our favorite aspects about MyBookie and a couple reasons why we dislike it sometimes (and every other online betting platform for that matter). 

Why We Love It

Unique Prop Bets

Bleeping death bets, need we say more? If you can think of a bet, MyBookie will give you odds on it. Might be some “value” in Sandusky +600 at 75 years old out of SCI Greene Supermax. 

The best part about MyBookie is their fan interactions on Twitter before big games. For example, before Super Bowl LIII they requested the public pitch Prop Bets they could add to their website. I tried to say we wanted odds for Tom Brady not throwing a first quarter TD but it already existed on the site. You could scroll for about three minutes consecutively going through MyBookie Super Bowl LIII Props; I can only imagine what they’ll have for Super Bowl LIV. 

Prop Builder

Don’t mean to discriminate against other sports, hell, TheBRKDWN bets on Lewis Hamilton to win Formula 1 Races, but, the MyBookie “Prop Builder” during the NFL season is pure gold. You can use this for other sports too. The premise is simple, either bet an over or under for a given player statistic or have a head to head (H2H) with two players. Check out the below screenshot to see a MLB H2H example: Aaron Judge will have more hits than Mitch Haniger for (-122) or bet $122 to win $100 (random night in June).  

Live Betting 

There have been some issues across the industry with live betting. Stories about submitted bet slips’ odds being off, bet amounts changing, etc. At the BRKDWN, we can’t say that we’ve experienced any of these aforementioned problems. Yes, odds change frequently and furiously but you always have the opportunity to review before submitting. Now, the fun part is Live Odds are constantly updated on MyBookie, rarely are odds not available during a game. There is always an opportunity to bet on that NCAA March Madness underdog live during a game for +500 for you true “degens” out there.

What You Need to Know

The Rollover

When you sign up, you’re gonna make “free money” that you will have to “rollover” or bet a certain amount before you can withdraw from your account. It pisses everyone off, including the person writing this article… royally. Just know, once you get past the rollover, you will be able to withdraw however often you want, and enjoy the free $50 bucks on your $100 deposit. Rollovers begin at 5-times and can go up to 10-times (pay attention to this!). Meaning, a 5-times rollover you would have to make $500 worth of bets before you can withdraw your cash. Avoid doing this on Super Bowl weekend when the rollovers can go up to 20-times or higher!

The Public 

The Public is an active member of the online sports betting community- be wary of this! When you are seeing baseball favorites at -180, you might want to lay off and find something different. We aren’t saying everything is watered down, be smart and find your valuable bets with help from the BRKDWN. It is important to have access to a number of sportbooks, because the importance of “shopping” for the best line cannot be understated.


The only methodof deposit and withdrawal that we endorse or will recommend with any sportsbook is Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency. To us, this is the safest, quickest and most convenient method. You do not need to be a crypto currency expert to do this, if you have questions – google is your friend or reach out to us… We are happy to help! Perhaps you’re not interested in an online experience or prefer a brick & mortar shop in the US, you’re in luck! Learn how to legally bet sports online within the US.

Offer Code

Mybookie, along with any other online sportsbooks offer discounts or bonuses to attract new and existing customers. These can range from “free” bets to signup/deposit bonuses. Below is an offer code, as well as a direct link for Mybookie.

Offer Code: BRKDWN — This offer is good for a 50% match on your first deposit of up to $1000

Direct Link: Sign up with MyBookie

*Note* We receive a small bonus for sending customers to Mybookie… We believe in complete and honest transparency. Please know, our goal is to help our fans become more educated and become more successful bettors. We bet most, if not all of these games, props, or DFS lineups ourselves – if we lose the bet, atleast one of us is on the losing side of that bet and feels the financial hardship of a lost bet. We would not sacrifice personal financial hardship in order to push people to make losing bets.

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