MLB Power Rankings May 28 ~ June 25

From now until the end of the MLB Season, I will be giving out my MLB Power Rankings for theBRKDWN Sports every two weeks.

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1) Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers are still doing Dodger-like things, as they continue to roll on and dominate the NL West and the rest of the National League. Not even a die-hard fan of Cody Bellinger can stop the season he and his fellow teammates are having.

2) New York Yankees

The two biggest acquisitions the Yankees made happened this week and it wasn’t from a trade — they activated All-Star outfielders Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton off the IL. Pitching still is this team’s biggest question mark, they will power their way to the playoffs, but in the end they need a true ace if they plan to contend in the playoffs when, not if, they make it.

3) Atlanta Braves

Since our last rankings came out, the Braves trailed the Phillies by one game in the NL East. Since then, they have gone 14-9, overtaking the struggling Phill’s and now have a 5.5-game lead in the division.

4) Minnesota Twins

I wouldn’t say the Twins are in trouble, but don’t look now, the Tribe have cut a 10-game lead down to a seven-game lead in the Central. Their pitching will need to continue to carry them, as they have the seventh best team ERA in the league just shy of 4.00.

5) Houston Astros

The Astros shouldn’t have anything to worry about in the West, though both Texas and Oakland are showing signs of competing, they are nowhere near the talent and skill of the Astros. Top prospect Yordan Alvarez is already tearing it up in the Majors since his call up on June 9, and slashing .333/.813/1.241 in 48 at bats.

6) Chicago Cubs

The Cubbies are still holding onto the top spot in the Central. Nothing much has changed with them or the rest of the division as only six games separate them and the last place Pirates.

7) Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays need pitching, it is no secret. Top Prospect, Brent Honeywell, is now out for the season with another injury and Glasnow will remain on the IL for at least another three weeks. Opener Ryne Stanek has been great this year, but only having two starters listed on your team’s depth chart isn’t a great recipe for success come October.

8) Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox seemed to have finally gotten over the World Series hangover as they are eight games back of the Yankees and a game back of those pesky Indians for the Wild Card 2 spot. They have a chance to catch up to the Yankees as they have 14 more games to play head-to-head.

9) Milwaukee Brewers

As mentioned before with the Cubs, the Central is tight and it’s going to come down to the end of the season like last year when we had tie-breaker games all over to place. The same will be happening here, as the Brew Crew and Cubs will flip-flop the rest of the way with each team within a game or two of each other.

10) Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies have some soul searching to do … Losing eight of 10, and only winning nine of their last 25 games, they have fallen to second in the division and the Nationals are on their tail to overtake them. It will be very unlikely for a second team to come out of the East as a Wild Card, so winning the division is a must for the Phillies, who are expected to win-now in Harper’s first year with the team. 

11) Texas Rangers

Texas has surprised everyone so far this year. For a team which doesn’t have many household names, they are right in the thick of things in the AL Wild Card. MVP candidate Joey Gallo is still out with an oblique injury and the rejuvenated Hunter Pence is also out with injury, but are set to return soon.  This team reminds me in some ways like the New York Yankees, in that will smash their way to victory.  

12) St. Louis Cardinals

Over the last few weeks, the Card’s did a complete 180. They have gone 14-11(6-4 in their last 10) since our last rankings and sit only 2.5 games back of the Cubs for the NL Central. If they keep it up, I will be eating my own words from when I said they would not be competing for a Wild Card, let alone the division they currently are only 2.5 games out of. 

13) Cleveland Indians

Don’t break up the Indians quite yet. After a very slow start, they are starting to look like the team we thought they would be coming into the year. They have climbed into the second Wild Card spot and only 7.5 games out of the division-leading Twins. The Tribe have already proven this year they can overcome adversity when they lost ace pitcher Corey Kluber. If something happens to the Twins, will they or will the Tribe take the opportunity and run with it?

14) Washington Nationals

As we head to July in the next week and a half, a lot of teams are trying to figure out if they are buyers or sellers. The Nationals are finally getting healthy again and starting to climb up not only the Wild Card standings, but also the NL East standings as well. What seemed to be just a two-team race, might still be that come September not with the Braves and Phillies, but the Nationals and Braves.

15) Los Angeles Angels

Unfortunately the Halos still do not have any pitching to help their cause, but the emergence of Tommy LeStela has proven he is no fluke. He is third on the team in home runs, second in RBIs and sixth in batting,  and has proven to be a great compliment to Trout, Pujols and Othani. If they are buyers, they need to sure up their rotation with a pitcher who is already established.

16) Colorado Rockies

The Rockies have emerged from the NL West as the current Wild Card 2 team in the NL. Realistically, there is no chance they can — or will — catch the Dodgers for the West. Their only hope is to get the Wild Card, but in such a crowded NL where only 5 games separate them and the second to the last team in the WC standings, and playing the Dodgers 13 more times, it might be hard for them.

17) Chicago White Sox

The White Sox play in a very bad AL Central, which also includes them as the “bad” teams in the division. Clelveland separated themselves from the “bad” and the White Sox just aren’t quite there yet to compete. Mark my words though, as I mentioned in past rankings, don’t sleep on them next year.

18) Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona is in the same situation every other team is in with the NL West … its Wild Card or nothing. As mentioned before, the Rockies currently have the second spot and it will come down to the last month to see how things shake out. Depending on how things go between now and the trade deadline will determine if the D-Backs will try and make a push.  

19) Oakland A’s

The A’s have been a team of bad luck this year losing a majority of there pitching staff to injury or a suspension. Puk and Luzardo seem to be on the way to save the day for them but that won’t happen until at least after the all-star break. If they can prove to be the prospects everyone makes them out to be, they can contended for the Wild Card and the division if the Astros don’t pull away.

20) New York Mets

How much longer do Met fans have to deal with this? They were built to “win now” with getting Cano and All-Star closer Edwin Diaz, but the pitching staff hasn’t lived up to their potential this year. Pete Alonso has been on fire so far, mashing 27 home runs. As a Mets fan this is good and bad … Good because of how well he is playing, bad because he will likely be in the Home Run Derby and we all know how that messes up swings. Let’s just hope he skips it for every Met’s fans sake.

21) San Francisco Giants

The Giants are one of two teams that are more than five games back of the Wild Card. With the trade deadline around the corner, San Fran will likely be moving Madison Bumgarner and other key veterans to boost up their farm system for the coming years.

22) San Diego Padres

All the Machado hype is gone, sometimes I wonder if he is even in the league anymore. Honestly, I never hear his name. Tatis is finally back from injury and we hear more about him and the pitching staff than we do Machado. Like Colorado and Arizona, it’s Wild Card or bust for them as well, and if the pitching staff can get healthy and they can sneak in, they are going to be a team to be reckoned with.  

23) Pittsburgh Pirates

I sound like a broken record when it comes to the Pirates, they just don’t know if they are coming or going. In such a close NL Central, they are only seven games out of the division and four out of the Wild Card. They need to figure out if they are going to make a push or trade some key pieces for the future.

24) Cincinnati Reds

Looks more and more like next year could be the year for the Reds. They have some of the pieces in place with Sanzel and Winker, along with some veterans like Puig and Votto. This team has a short window to make the playoffs while Votto has something left in the tank and he deserves it.  

25) Seattle Mariners

While I mentioned Pete Alonso should not do the Home Run Derby, I would LOVE to see our past WTF is that guy Danny Vogelbac take part in it and watch him just mash home runs over 450 feet. It would be the only thing left for me to look forward to as a Mariners fan this year.

26) Miami Marlins

You can the Marlins are not at least trying to win games. They are in the cellar of the NL, but they have gone up since the last rankings and are starting to give their prospects a look in the Majors. The future might be sooner rather than later for the fish.

27) Kansas City Royals

There is no bright spot for the Royals this year. They are on pace to lose about 105 games this season and when you are losing games to the Mariners there is an issue.

28) Toronto Blue Jays

The Jay’s time is not now, it’s no secret. They already said they are willing to move some of the veterans they have on the team to let the kids play. It’s a matter of when, not if, they get moves and the transition is complete for the Jays.

29) Detroit Tigers

As mentioned prior, the Tigers, along with the Royals, could lose 100+ games this year. That is how bad they are. They have lost eight of 10, and four in a row. It has to get worse before it gets better right?

30) Baltimore Orioles

When you are 21 games out of a Wild Card spot and have only won 22 games so far on the season, we think it’s time to call it quits Baltimore. Hopefully they will be better next year, but the future doesn’t look great for the O’s.

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