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MLB Power Ranking

MLB Power Rankings

theBRKDWN's MLB Power Rankings

August 15th – September 2nd

From now until the end of the MLB Season, I will be giving out my MLB Power Rankings for theBRKDWN Sports every two weeks.

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1) New York Yankees
For the Yankees, it’s all about wrapping up home field not only in the AL but in the league. They showed that they can hang with the Dodgers by winning two ofthree at the end of the month and beating Clayton Kershaw in the process, on Sunday Night Baseball for the whole world to see. Staying healthy and getting healthy will be the Yankee’s biggest concern heading into October.

2) Los Angeles Dodgers
The West is all but won for the Dodgers as they lead by 18 games over the Diamondbacks. They’ve also all but clinched the best record in the NL as well. It’s just about going through the motions for LA and finally winning a World Series.

3) Houston Astros
Like the Yankees and Dodgers the division is wrapped up. It’s going to be a battle for the best in the AL between Houston and New York coming down the stretch but Houston plays a much better schedule than New York heading into October.

4) Atlanta Braves
By the looks of it the Braves should win the East but the Nationals are still lurking. Atlanta has held its own with great pitching and a great offense all season. Expect them to hold on to the East and possibly make a run to the World Series.

5) Minnesota Twins
Minnesotahas had a few hiccups as the Cleveland Indians caught up to them earlier last month cutting a 10+ game lead down to nothing. That lead is back to 5.5 games and the Twins seem to have fixed their August struggles and are looking toward October and avoiding a major collapse.

6) Washington Nationals
Washingtonhas fought back from early season losses to be leading the Cubs by 3.5 games in the Wild Card. They are in a prime position to make the playoffs but is it in the form of the Division or Wild Card?

7) Oakland A’s
Oakland has been fighting all season but for a Wild Card spot rather the division as they trail by 10.5 games. With the emergence of the Indians it has become a 3-team race for the Wild Card between them, the Rays and Tribe.

8)Tampa Bay Rays
There was a time that Tampa was battling for the AL East, now they are trying to hold onto a Wild Card spot. They currently lead by half a game on Cleveland and a full game over Oakland. They are going to need their pitching to come up big down the stretch to be playing baseball in October.

9) Cleveland Indians
Cleveland is in the thick of the playoff hunt. While the division is slowly slipping away the Wild Card is still in play. They are getting pitching help at the right time to help for the stretch run and I expect them to make the playoffs, most likely as a Wild Card.

10) St. Louis Cardinals
Finally pulling away from the rest of the central the Cardinals lead by three games over the Cubs and seven over the Brewers. Come October, St. Louis will be one of the three teams out of the Central making the Playoffs.

11) Boston Red Sox
Boston has gotten hit with the injury bug at the wrong time. While everyone is getting healthy and preparing for October they are getting hurt. There is still a chance they can get in as a Wild Card but they need to jump the A’s and Indians to do so, and the late season four-game series with the Rays will determine their playoff fate.

12) Chicago Cubs
The Central is slowly getting away from the Cubs; they are trailing by three games. This might not seem that bad but it was a 3-team race all year and while Milwaukee struggles it is now down to a two team race. Chicago has six more games (2 series) with St. Louis that will determine the Central winner.

13) Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies continue to slip further and further down the standings, Washington has overtaken them for position in the East along with being 3.5 games ahead of them in the Wild Card. They have a little bit of a saving grace with five games in Washington in the last week of the season to try and catch them for the Wild Card.

14) Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee has dropped out of the Central race and slipping out of the Wild Card as well. With no games between the Cubs or Nationals heading down the stretch makes things even more challenging but they do play an under .500 schedule for September and need to win those games and rely on teams beating the Cubs and Nat’s.

15) Arizona Diamondbacks
Arizona is still in the race despite trading their ace Zack Greinke and losing Luke Weaver to season ending surgery. They might not make the playoffs this year but a healthy D-Backs team will go a long way next season to try and overtake the Dodgers.

16) New York Mets
I give up on this team and so should Mets fans, one week they are the best team in baseball (and they where for a time) and the next, they want to trade the team and start over. They are too inconsistent at this point but IF, and that’s a big if, they make the playoffs their pitching rotation is too deep for teams to match up against them come october.

17) San Francisco Giants
Like the Mets after their big run to get back in contention has fallen short, so has San Fran. They have fallen eight games out of the Wild Card. The Giants have some questions coming this offseason if they want to try and contend with the current roster or trade some veterans and rebuild since this year’s push will fall short.

18) Los Angeles Angels
L.A. never had a chance at the West but did have a good run in the Wild Card this season up until a few weeks ago. Since then they have fallen 10+ games out and look toward next season where pitching should be a focus point to contend.

19) Texas Rangers
Like the Angels, the Rangers have been playing for the Wild Card all year while the Astros ran away with the division. That will be the case for the foreseeable future with any team in the AL West.

20) Cincinnati Reds
I’m majorly disappointed in the Reds as I thought they had what it took to take advantage in a below average N.L. Central. But this year was a year to “rebuild” and see what the future holds for them. It proved the future is bright and should compete for not just the division, but at least the Wild Card in the next few years.

21) San Diego Padres
Like the Reds, the Padres show lots of promise for the coming years. They have a young, promising and already experienced pitching rotation that the team will have under control for a few years to come. If the Dodgers decide to rebuild after winning a title like the Red Sox did a few years ago the Padres can swoop in and take the crown.

22) Chicago White Sox
The White Sox fall in to the same situation the Reds fall into. A team on the rise but just not quite there yet, and in a division that is very average. If the Sox add a few pieces this off season the Twins and Indians have to worry about the White Sox next season.

23) Colorado Rockies
For a team that has scored 730 runs this season (4th in the NL) you would think that they would be at least contending for a Wild Card spot. But when you see they’ve given up 839 runs this season (worst in the MLB) you understand why. Pitching clearly needs to be better as they will score runs in Coors Field to compete next season.

24) Seattle Mariners
The more and more I watch JustusSheffield pitch in a Mariners uniform, the more and more I hate the return for James Paxton. While it has been a small sample size he is looking more like a middle reliever/possible closer than a middle of the rotation starter that they have hoped for.

25) Pittsburgh Pirates
Pittsburgh has fallen out of contention weeks ago and as another team that has no direction for the future they will be in the bottom half of the Central and rankings.

26) Toronto Blue Jays
If I wasn’t a Mariners fan and used to a losing culture I would become a Jays fan. They have so much potential for the years to come that they are going to make every game meaningful to the teams in the East. In two years the Jays will be back in the playoffs and be in the position the Yankees are in.

27) Kansas City Royals
Kansas City is one of three teams that could lose 100+ games. With no real plan in sight, KC could see a few more years at the bottom of the Central and the rankings.

28) Miami Marlins
No team in the NL should lose 100 games, but Miami could, they have so much more potential out of all the teams in the bottom half of the rankings. Come next season they can easily be in the middle of these rankings.

29) Baltimore O’s
Baltimore is heading down the road of 100 losses on the season;with no clear plan in sight, they will have many 90+ losing seasons and being at the bottom of the East and rankings.

30) Detroit Tigers
Nothing new with the Tigers as they are headed to be the first to 100 losses…good luck next season.
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