Market Monday (#6): The Bay Area

Golden Gate Bridge

Every Monday theBRKDWN releases our Market Monday segment. These are a series of articles that break down the history and sport markets in cities each week, focusing specifically on teams in five of the major professional sports leagues in North America: NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. I will try to include only the most important and noteworthy information about each team including information such as year established, years a team existed if they no longer do or have relocated, number of championships won or participated in, other cities where a franchise previously existed, financial information, and any other noteworthy information. This week we are heading back out West to the Bay Area.

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MLB Breakdown

San Francisco Giants

Year Franchise Founded: 1883

Year Established in city: 1958

Other Franchise Names: New York Giants and New York Gothams

# of championships: 8 (3 in San Francisco)

Team Estimated Value: $2.85 billion USD

Current Home Stadium: Oracle Park

The San Francisco Giants relocated from New York to the Bay Area in 1958. You can read more about the history of that relocation in New York City’s Market Monday. The Giants are one of the oldest and most successful franchises in baseball having won the most games in the history of MLB. Of their eight World Series championships, the franchise has only won three of them in San Francisco and in fact all three were won within the last decade. Their stadium, Oracle Park is considered by many to be the best of the “New” stadiums.

Oakland Athletics

Year Franchise Founded: 1901

Year Established in city: 1968

Other Franchise Names: Kansas City Athletics and Philadelphia Athletics

# of championships: 9 (4 in Oakland)

Team Estimated Value: $1.02 billion USD

Current Home Stadium: Oakland Alameda Coliseum

The Athletics are significantly less popular and valuable than the San Francisco Giants despite having won more world series. In fact, the A’s are ranked the 26th most valuable team in MLB making them one of the least valuable teams in the league. Their lack of popularity is due to playing in two cities before Oakland and varying product they deliver due to not having sustained success since early 2000s. The A’s have one of the worst stadiums in MLB and a deal has finally been struck to build a new park in Oakland.

NBA Breakdown

Golden State Warriors

Year Franchise Founded: 1946

Year Established in Bay Area: 1962

Other Franchise Names: Philadelphia Warriors and San Francisco Warriors

# of championships: 6 (4 in Bay Area)

Team Estimated Value: $3.5 billion USD

Current Home Stadium: Oracle Arena

The Golden State Warriors are the Bay Area’s most valuable franchise, the third most valuable franchise in the NBA and tied as the tenth most valuable sports franchise in the entire world. The Warriors are currently in the midst of a dynasty having made the playoffs the past six straight seasons and winning three NBA championships within those six playoff runs. The Warriors still seem to be the most dominant team in the league once again this season and will be looking to win their third NBA championship in a row come playoff time. The team is moving back to San Francisco permanently this offseason after spending 40+ years in Oakland.

NFL Breakdown

San Francisco 49ers

Year Franchise Founded: 1946

Year Established in city: 1946

# of championships: 5 (All in Super Bowl Era)

Team Estimated Value: $3.05 billion USD

Current Home Stadium: Levi’s Stadium

The 49ers are the oldest professional sports team based in San Francisco and the Bay Area. They are currently the fourth most valuable franchise in the NFL and the thirteenth most valuable franchise in the world. From 1981-1995 the team had a solid dynasty where they won all five of their franchise’s Super Bowls in twelve playoff appearances.

A theme amongst Bay Area teams, the 49ers had their own drama when leaving longtime home Candlestick Park near San Francisco for their new venue, Levi Stadium located 50 miles south of SF. The drama became so intense that a US Senator attempted to block the 49ers from using “San Francisco” in their name as they no longer played in the greater-San Francisco area.

Oakland Raiders

Year Franchise Founded: 1960

Year Established in city: 1960-1981, 1995-present

Other franchise names: Los Angeles Raiders

# of championships: 3 (All 3 in Super Bowl Era. 2 won in Bay Area)

Team Estimated Value: $2.42 billion USD

Current Home Stadium: Oakland Alameda Coliseum

Much like the Athletics and Giants situation, the Raiders have won more championships than the 49ers yet the Raiders franchise is not worth as much as the 49ers. The Raiders went through a relocation in 1981 to Los Angeles where they remained for nearly 15 seasons and then relocated back to Oakland in 1995. After many failed attempts to  receive tax-payers money for a new stadium, Raiders ownership negotiated with the city of Las Vegas to relocate there. The city of Oakland sued the team which led to them ultimately deciding to not play in Oakland for 2019. Rumors suggest they may raid Oracle Park and share a stadium with the Giants (pun intended). They may even leave the Bay Area entirely and move elsewhere while they await stadium completion in Las Vegas.

NHL Breakdown

San Jose Sharks

Year Franchise Founded: 1991

Year Established in city: 1991

# of championships: 0

Team Estimated Value: $510 million USD

Current Home Stadium: SAP Center

The Sharks are probably one of the least popular teams in the Bay Area because the sport of hockey is not as popular as other sports and they are the least successful team in the Bay Area. As a result they are the second least valuable team in the Bay Area. The Sharks have a hard time bringing in fans from the Oakland/San Francisco area as San Jose is 50+ miles south of the cities. Even though they have never won a Stanley Cup, the Sharks have 20 playoff appearances in only 27 years of existence which is impressive.

MLS Breakdown

San Jose Earthquakes

Year Franchise Founded: 1996

Year Established in city: 1996

Previous Franchise Name: San Jose Clash

# of championships: 2 MLS Cups, 2 Supporters’ Shields

Team Estimated Value: $235 million USD

Current Home Stadium: Avaya Stadium

The Earthquakes are the least valuable franchise in the Bay Area and they are coming off their worst MLS season ever in franchise history with having won only four games in 2018. The franchise has existed since the formation of Major League Soccer in America and they have won two league titles and two Supporters’ Shields.

Bay Area Breakdown

Total # of championships won in city: 33

Total Estimated Value: $13.59 billion USD

Basketball and football tend to dominate the Bay Area sports market financially. All of the Bay Area teams have made the playoffs in the past ten years, despite the Warriors and Giants being the only two to win championships. Although they have not won the championships cities like New York or Boston have, the Bay Area is a phenomenal sports market. Considering there are two NFL and two MLB teams, there are ample opportunities to see one of the Bay Area teams live if you are in town for a visit.

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