LSU Wins 2019-20 CFP National Championship

I’m a big, dumb idiot. Some of you may take my word for that, but for those of you who may not know me very well, let me inform you why: *warning: NSFW language*

There’s never been anyone more wrong than me in the history of Twitter. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a fan of the Coach O hire at first, but I came around last season after the Auburn game.

After being the worst coach in Ole Miss history, I didn’t feel Ed had earned the job. He lost to Troy in Death Valley, he looked like he hadn’t evolved as a head coach since his time in Oxford. Then, something clicked with him.

As I sip on my bourbon and puff my cigar, something feels extremely different with this championship than the previous two LSU championships of this century — Coach O built this team himself. It wasn’t Saban backing into a split championship or Miles winning with another coach’s talent. He evolved as a head coach and made the team in the spitting-image of himself.

I was wrong to not believe in Coach O — and Joe Burrow for that matter — from the jump. There’s no denying it now, Ed Orgeron is a national champion.

This season washes away 1/9/12, the years of offensive ineptitude under Les Miles and Cam Cameron, years of wasted NFL talent, the Troy loss, embarrassments against Bama in Death Valley, and teetering on the brink of irrelevance. It was, the greatest college football season of all-time.

Not only did LSU have the best single-season quarterback ever, — I’ll get to that later — but half of their games came against top-10 teams, most in the poll era. They scored the most points in college football history — spare me the “they had 15 games to do it” bullshit because HALF THEIR GAMES came against top-10 teams and they went 15 and fucking 0.

Now to Joe Burrow. Not only did he lead a team to the greatest team season and offensive production in since 1936, — poll era — but he had a measly 5,671 yards for 60 touchdowns and six interceptions on 76.3 percent passing. Kiss Cam Newton’s season goodbye, because Burrow wrapped up the greatest single-season we’ve ever seen by a collegiate quarterback.

I could go on thanking Ja’Marr Chase for his contribution as one of the greatest single-season receiver seasons in collegiate history. Or Clyde Edwards-Helaire, who consistently proved doubters wrong all season on his way to becoming an All-SEC running back. Or even all the juniors who came back last season to make this run possible.

I could ramble on for hours all night, but I won’t bore you with all the details.

Instead, I’ll simply say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you the the 2019-20 Louisiana State University Football Tigers. I’ve said my thanks to Joe Burreaux, but to the rest of the team, thank you for a memory I will never forget.

For many years, I’ve said sports are responsible for the highest of highs or lowest of lows in a person’s life, and tonight it delivered. I will never forget the run this team went on and how the season played out.

I’m sorry for doubting you, Ed. I’m sorry for doubting you, Joe. I’m sorry for doubting the 2019-20 LSU Tigers football team. I couldn’t have been more wrong; but I’ve never been more happy to be wrong in my life. Geaux Tigers.

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