Life Without Sports — Day 8

Samuel Murphy — @samuel_murphy20

It has officially been a week since our last live sporting event until at least mid-April and I think this day has hurt the most since the cancellation.

Today was supposed to kick-off the best four-day stretch of the sports year. Basketball from noon to 1 a.m., upsets, buzzer beaters, and Cinderella stories stealing our hearts to close out the month of March.

It’s hitting the hardest today, but I think the depression and bargaining stages of grief will finally start to subside and acceptance will start to set in.

NFL news coming out throughout the week has certainly made me feel like some normalcy is returning to the world — except for Tom Brady going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I mean what the hell is that guy thinking? The BUCS? Over so many other competent organizations?! But, I digress.

The NFL offseason continuing full throttle will help the lack of live sports for all of us, but I hope it can carry us until we finally break out of this god awful stretch.

One of the positives to come out of this for me has been a new appreciation of MLB — as dumb and poorly run as they might be. I used to never watch pro baseball until the MLB Postseason at the earliest. From now on, I can’t take the time with only baseball for granted, because a time without sports at all is not a good time.

Let us know at @the_BRKDWN or @samuel_murphy20 on Twitter how you are coping with the cancellation/postponement of sports. Today, I’ll leave y’all with a little taste of what we’re all missing these next couple of weeks, as we look back at the best March Madness moments of the decade. See y’all later this week.

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