Life Without Sports — Day 42

Hello friends, and welcome back into the mental ramblings of a man going crazy from a doozy of combo — quarantine and no sports on television. I apologize for the brief hiatus from your reading pleasure, but the grass doesn’t stop growing during a pandemic, and neither do the bills, so I am right in the swing of my busy season. 

However, since we last spoke, there has been some good news and things happening in the world of sports. We got some tentative announcement dates for the return of the PGA Tour without fans, we got to rewatch the greatest final round in Masters Tournament history with Tiger Woods giving insight on his 2019 green jacket, and finally, — and most importantly — “The Last Dance” aired its first two episodes this past Sunday.

As everyone reading this likely felt, it was extremely refreshing to finally be watching some “new” sports content together with everyone on Twitter and reacting in the moment like sports were back on TV.

My girlfriend was a real champ during the two hour-long episodes and was even genuinely intrigued by the documentary. Then, a thought came to me after she sat through it like a champ — ‘if she’s intrigued and curious about the Jordan doc, what else would she be interested in?’

On Monday, a flash of brilliance came to me. Since the next couple episodes of the doc will cover the Bad Boys days and Dennis Rodman, let’s give her a glimpse into the background so she won’t be lost come Sunday. So, we sat through that and was the beginning of what I am now dubbing, Sports History 101.

With my girlfriend not being a huge sports nerd like I am, she has so much to learn and actually seems interested in some of it. I’m sure we will find areas with a lack of interest compared to others, but it is a great step in the right direction and we have plenty of time to kill, so let’s give this a shot.

Let us know at @the_BRKDWN or @samuel_murphy20 on Twitter what we should dive into for our next project.The topics are literally endless in this arena and if your significant others are as awesome as mine, try to teach them about all the awesome sports moments you love, because there’s no better time than now. Stay healthy, stay safe, and see y’all next week.
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