Life Without Sports — Day 14

Well folks, we have officially hit two weeks without a live sporting event. This whole acceptance stage of grief sucks more than any of them because I cannot — and will not — accept a life without sports.

I apologize for leaving y’all for so long without a new update, but the busy season of landscaping — the day job — doesn’t stop for anything, including the Rona.

A small part of me is sort of happy to be slaving away outside all day long because I’m not sure how many more times I can rewatch the 2019-20 LSU football season. I’ll rewatch those games for as long as I’m breathing, but watching them consecutively takes away the luster.

The worst part about this “acceptance” stage is dealing with the incompetence of CBS and the rest of the Turner Network.

Now, I’m just an idea-man and have no idea if it is doable, but why are we not just showing old tournament games all day and night like the actual NCAA Tournament games are taking place? I mean they are already showing old games on the weekend, but three games per day is not enough.

If I’m the guy pushing the buttons over at CBS, I’m putting the 32 best first round games on the opening Thursday and Friday, followed by the best 16 games on Saturday and Sunday, and so-on throughout the tournament schedule. Like I said, I’m not sure how everything works; this is only how the brain of a sport-less man works.

Let us know at @the_BRKDWN or @samuel_murphy20 on Twitter how you are coping with the cancellation/postponement of sports. Since I’ve been rewatching all these LSU games, I’ll leave y’all with the best one from the regular season. Enjoy, and see y’all later this week.

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