Lamar Jackson:Unanimous MVP

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As of recent tradition, the NFL holds an award show the night before the Super Bowl. Offensive and defensive player of the year awards, coach of the year, rookie of the year as well as others are all announced. One of those others just happens to be arguably the most important award besides the Lombardi Trophy; the NFL MVP award. This year’s winner? None other than Mr. Lamarvelous, Light Camera Action Jackson, Freaky L, Lamar Jackson. 

Lamar received all 50 MVP votes, as he rightfully deserves, which has made him the second unanimous winner ever; behind only Tom Brady. Think of a rushing record and the Ravens, and especially Lamar Jackson, has most likely broken it. 

The most rushing yards in a season ever by a quarterback. First quarterback ever with 3000+ passing and 1000+ rushing yards in a season. Both the passing touchdown and total touchdown leader this season. Sixth in the entire league in yards per carry… as a quarterback. The spearhead behind the greatest team rushing season in NFL history. Leading the Ravens to the best record in the NFL and their best record ever. 

Not bad for a running back. 

As the resident Ravens diehard and Lamar superfan here at theBRKDWN, it’s finally time for me to gloat about football. Especially after that playoff loss. Going from non stop talk from Bill Polian and the other olds in the media about Lamar needs to switch positions, to unanimous and second youngest MVP is something everyone can, and should enjoy. 

The scariest thing about this, is it’s only the beginning for Lamar. It should only go uphill from here. 

Congrats to Lamar for the amazing season, but now we can’t wait for the MVP and a Super Bowl next season. 

Oh, and shoutout to the NFL and Baltimore Ravens for these amazing videos.