Keeneland PICKS: Saturday, April 10th

Jake Becker
Betting Analyst - NHL/Horses

“Scared money don’t make money”

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I am back with my horse racing picks for the year 2021! After a brief hiatus, I have returned to begin my goal of featuring multiple tracks across the nation. This edition will be focusing on Keeneland for April 10th.

We rounded off the 2020 campaign picking winners correctly nearly 30% of the time , with a return on investment right around 15%. Although it was somewhat of a small sample size, the returns were positive. Let’s improve those stats going forward!

I’ll be basing my final bets off of the odds come post time. So my bets laid out below are based on the ML odds. I typically will always bet to win, and then add on a place or show bet depending on how long the odds are. Use that at your own discretion! Let’s get into it.

Keeneland SATURDAY (4/10) PICKS:

R1: (5) Get Hammered- ML 2/1

R2: (5) Walk Off- ML 5/2

R3: (6) Turnagain Tide- ML 8/5

R4: (2) Ethical Judgement- ML 3/1 

R5: (11) Lemon and Diem- ML 8/1

R6: (8) In Love- ML 7/2

R7: (3) Night Ops- ML 1/1

R8: (10) Jakarta- ML 7/2

R9: (7) Proxy- ML 6/5

R10: (4) Etoile- ML 3/1

R11: (11) Harvard- ML 5/1

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on Twitter! My handle is @jrboomtown.. Thanks for reading everyone! Best of luck to all of you and keep an eye out for future articles and picks!

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