James Wiseman: The BRKDWN of a Player

by Darryl Rice

Hello, and happy whatever damn day it is! I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve looked at my phone for a reminder on what day it is. No professional basketball for months is absolutely crazy to me. I’ve seen some weird stuff in my time, but if you would’ve told me that in 2020 we would not see basketball for months I would’ve told you to share your meds with me. I can’t go too thick in the weeds here, so I won’t. Ironically, during this quarantine, I have taken up gardening. All I see are damn weeds! Rant over.

Let’s get to work here folks. My next article will be short and succinct. New blood is in the water and sharks are waiting. We’ve got some big events on the horizon; and thanks to the UFC, we can move into the fast lane in implementing the NBA season (whatever is left). At the very least, getting the off-season activities in order. One of those activities will be the 2020 NBA Draft and the prospects are looking promising. The pool is ripe with talent, and I feel a great portion of that pool is, of course, the big men. I like writing about the “big men”. I feel they have been forgotten about as of late. It’s like they’re now the underdog. I root for underdogs. Let’s take a look at one of the big dogs.

James Wiseman is legit. He’s an offensive powerhouse. I won’t bore you with stats, we can all google them. After a few google searches and highlights, it doesn’t take long to see his potential. I’m an O.G. with the eye test. Yes, I’m also a lover of analytics and that’ll come but just looking at the basics tells you he’s going to be a problem. The first problem is he is a true lefty. He is a left-hand dominant player, just like Zion. He can dunk with both hands but drives to his left often. He catches a lot of alley hoops on the right side. So this shows he can be on either side of the low paint. Being a true lefty is good. We have spent our lives adapting to a right-handed world, the same principle applies to basketball. Offensive schemes will play to his benefit, that usually means the offensive play will be implemented on the right side but end on the left side underneath basketball.

Another problem he presents is his pick-n-pop play. Tons of analysts point to his poor pick-and-roll play. Well yeah, because he IS NOT A PICK AND ROLL PLAYER! He can be, but not right now. He is designed to pop out and shoot or drive left if the play is designed for him. He’s so light on his feet you don’t even have to run pick-and-roll. Call the play, clear out and throw a lob. That’s the play.

James has a decent shot that will be corrected in the NBA to some extent. Has anyone ever seen him shoot free throws? You catch a gander at his follow-through, looks familiar. Kinda Chef Curryish.

James is a fast dunker. There’s a difference between fast and powerful. The ball doesn’t come from under, it’s always above his face. He has a nasty tomahawk dunk in his repertoire. He has just nasty air time and power, but all the highlights show him light on his feet and usually displaying this rapid dunk style where he throws it down with both hands. Very similar to Easy Money Sniper. The video below shows why I thought about Steph and Kevin.

He’s got some handles and he’s not afraid to go coast-to-coast. In one video, I saw him grab a board; and once he got started, he took five dribbles from end to end and finished with a left-handed lay-up. James took five dribbles. He has a great sense of where the ball is when rebounding. He’s about to join a club, where you must rebound because nothing will be given to him. He’ll see this quickly in the G-League.

My eye test says yes to this kid. If he falls to the second spot (which he should) this tells you everything you need to know about the Cavaliers’ plans. This team will be run through the Young Bull Sexton and James Wiseman. A potential new rise of dynamic duos to the table. 

Y’all be cool, and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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