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Fantasy Hockey 2018-19: Year In Review

by Andrew Flegar and Tomas Vessio

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The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are over and the hockey season is over, but have no fear because theBRKDWN Fantasy Hockey Year In Review is here! In this article, we will cover the top fantasy hockey players from the 2018-19 season at each position.

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Skater Legend

G: Goals

A: Assists

PPG: Powerplay goals

PPA: Powerplay assists

SHG: Shorthanded goals

SHA: Shorthanded assists

GWG: Game-winning goals

SOG: Shots on goal

FW: Faceoff wins

FL: Faceoff losses

HIT: Hits

BLK: Shot blocks


Nikita Kucherov

41 G, 87 A, 15 PPG, 33 PPA, 0 SHG, 0 SHA, 8 GWG, 246 SOG, 0 FW, 3 FL, 44 HITS, and 31 BLK

Nikita Kucherov had the most points (128) in the NHL this season, besting McDavid’s second-place, 116 points. Pretty crazy to think that Kucherov had more points than every single team in the NHL this season except his own – the Lightning also had 128 points. It was expected that Kucherov would finish as one of the top performers in the league this season but it was sort of unexpected to see him explode and put up an impressive career high of 128 points — 28 more points than his previous career high which he set last season. One question here is will Kuch continue to be one of the more dominant point scorers in the league next year? My gut tells me yes but this could go either way and we will have to wait until next season to see.

Alexander Ovechkin

51 G, 38 A, 18 PPG, 10 PPA, 0 SHG, 0 SHA, 5 GWG, 338 SOG, 1 FW, 4 FL, 223 HIT, and 41 BLK

No surprises here, Alex Ovechkin is one of the most consistent fantasy hockey players in the NHL. It always helps that Ovi not only puts up goals and assists, but he also likes to throw his body around and rack up those hits. Hard to believe, but this is only the fourth season since 2010-11 where Alex Ovechkin put up 80+ points and the third time since 2010-11 where he hit 85+ points in a season. If you have the first overall pick in your fantasy league next season, Ovi is always a safe go-to pick. He is almost guaranteed to finish in at least the top 3 of most standard fantasy hockey leagues every single season!

Leon Draisaitl

50 G, 55 A, 16 PPG, 13 PPA, 3 SHG, 0 SHA, 5 GWG, 231 SOG, 677 FW, 663 FL, 57 HIT, and 26 BLK

Draisaitl led the league in goals this year and he was the only player to hit the 50 goal mark this season. I could imagine that playing on the wing of Connor McDavid would have helped him get most of those goals as McDavid contributed —meaning he either had an assist or goal — to at least 50% of all goals scored by the Edmonton Oilers last season. Draisaitl finished the season with a career-high in goals, assists and points this season. He also finished second in the league in goals  —50 goals behind Alex Ovechkin who had 51 — and fourth in the league in points with 105. His performance this season will drastically increase his fantasy hockey value next season.

Connor McDavid

41 G, 75 A, 9 PPG, 24 PPA, 1 SHG, 1 SHA, 9 GWG, 240 SOG, 428 FW, 490 FL, 39 HIT and 30 BLK

Did you really expect us to include Draisaitl on this list and NOT include his fellow teammate and one of the best players in the league, Connor McDavid? McJesus put up insane numbers for a team that didn’t even qualify for the playoffs. His speed, skill and IQ are out of this world, thus he emerges as the best player in the galaxy. The Captain of the Oilers is recovering from a knee injury which he suffered in the last game of the 2018/19 season but he’ll be as determined and ready for next season as he could ever be.


Brent Burns

16 G, 67 A, 7 PPG, 21 PPA, 1 SHG, 4 SHA, 6 GWG, 300 SOG, 0 FW, 1 FL, 90 HIT, and 105 BLK

Burns led defenseman in assists, shots on goal, and game-winning goals and was tied for most powerplay goals and most shorthanded assists by a defenseman this season. At 34 years of age, Burns is still one of the most dominant defencemen in the NHL because of his amazing skating and elite puck moving abilities. With Erik Karlsson resigning in San Jose this duo could be very scary in the Western Conference for a few more years. 

Morgan Reilly

20 G, 52 A, 3PPG, 18 PPA, 0 SHG, 0 SHA, 5 GWG, 223 SOG, 0 FW, 1 FL, 61 HIT, and 114 BLK

Mo Reilly led all defenseman with 20 goals this season. Playing with that talented Toronto Maple Leafs team must have been a factor in Reilly’s 72-point career high season. He really broke out of his shell this year because he wasn’t afraid of rushing the puck, pinching in certain situations and becoming a true leader on the ice and off the ice.  


Goalie Legend

W: Wins

L: Losses

SV: Saves

SO: Shutouts

A: Assists

GA: Goals Against

Andrei Vasilevskiy

39 W, 10 L, 1585 SV, 6 SO, 3 A, 128 GA

Vasilevskiy was this year’s Vezina Trophy winner meaning that he was the best all-around goaltender in the NHL. He was the best goalie in Fantasy Hockey as well with a record of 39-10-4 for the Lightning in the regular season. Vasilevskiy posted his best-ever save percentage in his NHL career with a .925 even though he missed a month of hockey due to a foot injury. The Russian keeper is very young still and has many more years of great, athletic goaltending ahead… so stay tuned. 

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