Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Don’t Believe the Fultz Hype

markelle fultz

Fultz sitting on the bench... where he has spent most of his career.

The Orlando Magic have released a “What has Markelle Fultz been up to” video this past week. Well, it looks like it was not on his shot. The montage of him playing in pick up games is the cliche off season video to release. Build hype over a player going against scrubs or guys not going 100%.

They included Fultz shooting off the dribble and off the pass. On the form, he appears to be “healthy”, but that can always change overnight with him. Reportedly, he is ready for training camp. His release looks much smoother than some of the horrid videos released before. Not much of an improvement, yet there is some. If he is able to remove the hitch in his shot, Markelle may be able to be an average NBA player. 

What I enjoyed most of the “hype” video, that most did not notice, is: the Magic excluded his shot approaching the net or going in. They had to purposely cut these out. In off season videos, the swish is what the fans are looking for. Not a close up, slow-mo montage of Fultz’s coming around a pick. 

If any Magic fans have been inspired or have hope by this tweet, revert it immediately. We’ve seen these before from him and nothing has changed. In his 19 appearances last season, there were holes in his game. These would prohibit him from being a contributing player on a playoff team. He can be a playmaker, but he is too slow. He fails to get beyond or open against solid defenders. With his current shot in the video, it would not increase his shooting ability and remain in the high 20s for 3 point percentage. His bigger liability is on the defensive side of the ball. He cannot guard NBA caliber point guards and will be a mismatch. 

Lastly, for what it’s worth, he has deleted all of his Instagram posts, again. His most recent post is 5 days ago. For some reason, he deletes all of his posts somewhat frequently. 
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