CFB Revamped is the Best Thing You Haven’t Heard of

Jesse Balasus
Football Analyst

“There’s football players, and then there’s Football players.” -Jim Harbaugh

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Remember those days of staying up until 4:00 a.m. making Idaho a national powerhouse in NCAA Football 14? Remember how sad we are every August when the newest edition should be coming out, but won’t? Thanks, Ed O’Bannon. Well now, all of our prayers have been answered … somewhat by CFB Revamped. 

CFB Revamped is a free mod created by a group of people that completely updated NCAA 14. Not only do you get up to date rosters, but every team has updated uniforms, logos, and even Coastal Carolina and Appalachian State make their debut in the game. Not to mention, all the stadiums and menus have been updated as well. 

Seriously, everything has been updated. It’s essentially NCAA 21. 

The best part about the mod, is if you already own a copy of the game, it’s completely free! If you have a PlayStation 3, there’s only a couple downloads you have to do, but if you want to play on xbox, you have to either physically mod the console, or spend around a hundred dollars on a pre-modded one. Don’t let the high price tag stop you though, I personally haven’t been able to stop playing since I first downloaded the mod about a month ago. 

If you’ve been longing for an updated college football game, as well as an authentic experience (unlike Madden) download CFB Revamped as soon as possible, I’ll even leave the link at the end of this article. Nothing beats playing on Coastal Carolina’s “Surf Turf.”

Also, be sure to check out fellow BRKDWN member, Tommy Carosielli (believeland8) and myself streaming this mod on twitch every now and again. 

Link to mod:

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