CDL Week 6 Power Rankings

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

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The Call of Duty league is always being turned upside down, but Week 5 took this to a whole other level. It took only three full matches for two more talented teams to get absolutely destroyed and memed to death, rookies came in like they were veterans, and Atlanta Faze reminded everyone they are still really good. If you read our Week 5 power rankings,, please forget them as everything has been burned to the ground coming into Week 6 and right before our second major of the year.

1. Atlanta Faze

At this point, there’s not much to say. Atlanta still has not lost a single match all season and defeated Los Angeles Thieves 3-1 in Week 5. They’ve stopped paying rent at the top and officially just started paying their mortgage.

2. New York Subliners 

You know when you finally beat your dad in a game you’ve never been able to beat him so he practices and never lets it happen again? That’s the New York Subliners right now. They are top two in both Control and Hardpoint while being top five in Search and Destroy. Asim and Clayster have both been phenomenal in Stage 2 and are putting them in a great position to make another run in the second upcoming major. They only have to be concerned with the London Royal Ravens now for second place in Group A and this is after already beating them 3-1 in a series.  A two spot jump from week-to-week is always impressive, but I’m now convinced that the gap between second and third is almost as much as the gap between first and second is.

3. Dallas Empire

Even with going 1-1 last week, I’m going to keep Dallas in the top three. They defeated Paris 3-1, though overall, it was close each map, and only dropped Search to them, which I’ve made clear is an obvious issue for them. They took a 2-3 defeat to what now seems like a brand new team in Minnesota ROKKR. Two of the three matches they lost were Search rounds, so if they can just get that fixed, they probably will end up being the second best team in the league again. Also, playing the first match of the weekend and then the second to last is a weird setup for teams and probably played a part in a lack of performance against Minnesota. They still are comfortably leading Group B right now and will more than likely start in the winner’s bracket for the second major.

4. Seattle Surge

This one actually makes me happy. Octane has been a great player in the world of COD for years and you could tell how much the season of Modern Warfare kicked him around. The year didn’t start out well either, but the team has figured it out it seems and are making noise again in the CDL. They currently sit at 2-1 and only behind Dallas Empire in Group B, which I thought was the harder of the two groups this time around. They were able to beat an improving Paris Legion team 3-0 for their only match of the week. Week 6 and the last week before the major will be an enormous test for them to see if they are pretenders or contenders. They’ll take on an improved ROKKR team and Optic Chicago who will be looking to turn it around big in the final week. For now, a happy Octane is a good Octane.

5. Minnesota ROKKR 

I hope you watched it this weekend, because the debut of Standy for Minnesota was insane. It’s hard to decide if he’s as good as he showed, or Major Maniak was just that bad this year to bring Minnesota down so bad. I had them ranked as the worst team last week and they jumped all the way to the top five this week. They took down Chicago Optic with a 3-0 defeat and also beat Dallas Empire 3-2. It wasn’t all Standy’s debut, as Priestah decided to remind the world why he’s one of the best players in the league. This could have been a fluke, but people were excited about this team in the preseason. They’ve leaped into a great position before the major and could set themselves up for a big payday in two weeks.

6. Chicago Optic

We can all lie and act like things are fine for Optic, but there’s no reason to sugarcoat it. They got swept twice in the same weekend by teams who don’t have the same talent level as them. There seems to be some turmoil within the team and fanbase as the Green Wall were all over Twitter asking for people to be swapped out and replaced. Scump seemed to be the only player in the right mind this last weekend. The talent is there and you’ve got to think they’ll figure it out. Envoy is still a king in Search, T2P is a legendary duo, and Dashy has shown to be one of the best at times. They remain in the top six right now on talent alone, but are walking a thin line between hope and despair. This next weekend could be the biggest weekend of the Optic rebrand. 

7. London Royal Ravens

Just like Minnesota, the London Royal Ravens brought in a rookie and he was the best player the entire time they played. PaulEhx was a dominant force in his first two games as he was a top 10 player in both Control and Search and Destroy. London was able to take a series over Los Angeles Thieves 3-1 and dropped a series 1-3 against NYSL. I’m not as high on them as I am with Minnesota after a good weekend, because there’s nothing that they are exceptionally great at yet. I am much higher than I have been at any other point during the CDL season though.

8. Florida Mutineers

9. Los Angeles Thieves

It’s sad at this point. The Thieves have far too much talent to ever be 1-3. They aren’t top five in a single team stat this stage. I mentioned it before the season started, but the egos are real for this team. Is TJ Haly really good or was he a one time fluke carried by an old Optic team a few years ago? Can Kenny get things going again? These are important questions that should not need to be answered this late in the season.

10. Paris

11. Toronto

12. Los Angeles Guerrillas