CDL Week 5 Power Rankings and Match Predictions

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

Remember those power rankings we all had last week? Throw them out the door. Stage 2 got off to a fun start with upsets, reverse sweeps, roster changes, and even more. Week 5 will provide us with even more fun matchups as we get to see the LA Thieves take on the top team in Atlanta Faze, an improved London Royal Ravens against NYSL, and we will probably get to see Minnesota ROKKR get destroyed by both Chicago Optic and Dallas Empire. This week will update our power rankings alongside predictions for the week’s matches. 

1. Atlanta Faze 

At this point, there’s not much more I can say about Atlanta. They went 2-0 in Week 4 with a 6-1 map count, only dropping a Search and Destroy round to NYSL. At this point, Atlanta might as well buy property at the top of the leaderboard, because until disaster strikes, they aren’t going to be moving anywhere soon. We will get to see them in a fun matchup against the LA Thieves, who recently dropped Temp from their starting lineup. I would still expect an easy win for them no matter the changes made by LAT.

2. Optic Chicago 

I’d say it’s usually weird to move a team from fourth to second when the teams above them didn’t deserve to drop, but Optic Chicago is the second best team right now. After four weeks, they stand at first and second in the slaying game modes. They are sitting at eighth in S&D and dropped their round to Paris last week, but it’s hard to ignore how good they are playing in Control and Hardpoint. You can make things work pretty well when you have a 90 percent win rate in Control and more than 60 percent in Hardpoint, which make up the majority of possible games played. Do the Search and Destroy issues concern me for the Majors still? Yes, but until then, Optic will move up to second and hold it for now.

3. Dallas Empire 

Dallas does drop this week, but it’s not because they played bad by any means. In their lone match of Week 4, they were taken to a game 5 by the Seattle Surge. Losing a search round to Seattle wasn’t much of a surprise, but dropping a game 4 Hardpoint round to a team who’s not nearly as good at slaying as you are is never great. It’s not a real cause for concern as it more than likely was just a fluke game, but it still wasn’t a great look. They still are sitting in the top half of the league in Hardpoint and Control, so they are going to win more often than not when they need to. Only being good not great at Control does leave them open for upset possibilities though and it’s the reason for their slight drop going into this week.

4. New York Subliners

I think I’ve made it clear, but Clayster is my guy in this league. He’s part of the reason that the Call of Duty League is fun to watch and also the reason NYSL is only getting better. They went 1-1 in Week 4 with a 1-3 loss to Atlanta Faze and a reverse sweep of LA Thieves, which could have been a reason for them dropping Temp. I’ve talked a lot about how teams can work around their Search and Destroy woes, but what’s helping NYSL is their skill at the mode. They currently sit at second in the league at the mode, but what’s helped them is whether they have a 4v3 advantage or down 3v4, they aren’t losing composure. They have a 76 percent win rate for 4v3s and the second highest 3v4 win rate at 31.08 percent. They still have a lot of room to improve, but we’ve seen that when they need to win, they do that so I feel confident having them as a top 4 team in the league.

5. Seattle Surge

From 11th to fifth, this is the biggest jump we’ve seen in our CDL power rankings yet. The best part of power rankings is they can fluctuate a lot, which after Week 4, Seattle looked like the fifth best team coming into Week 5. They went 1-1 last week with a 3-1 victory over Florida Mutineers and dropped a tough 2-3 match to Dallas. Seattle has a good chance to be 2-1 after this week’s matches are done as they only take on Paris Legion. That match should be a good judge of whether or not this jump to fifth is fair. They are showing improvement though and Octane didn’t seem as miserable this week.

6. LA Thieves

I feel as if I’m trying to shoot myself in the foot with this Thieves team, but they still are a good team. They might be the Indiana Hoosiers of the CDL for all you college fans out there. They can beat any team any single week, outside of Atlanta, but they can also lose at any given time. As mentioned, they dropped Temp from their starting roster and added Venom from WestR. If this improves the team’s issues remains to be seen, but Temp wasn’t a top 25 player in any mode through four weeks so it can’t hurt them any.  Their composure issues still seem to the biggest issue the team has, but hopefully former COD legend and owner Nadeshot can get the team to play to their fullest ability and have a decent week this weekend.

7. Florida Mutineers

oWakening, there’s the reason they even have a chance. He’s still lighting up the league and has shown to really be the only consistent member of the squad. The team is still very up down as they currently are the fourth best Control team, the 11th best Hardpoint team, and the eighth best Search and Destroy team. The Control ranking makes since as they currently have two of the top ten guys in that mode with oWakening and Slacked, but Slacked has been awful at everything else so he’s not providing much to support them anywhere else.They currently are fourth in Group B, which I consider to be the harder of the two groups, with one match against Optic Chicago this coming Sunday. A win there would do wonders for them in regards to seeding, but I still don’t expect a victory from them.

8. Paris Legion

9. London Royal Ravens 

THEY WON A MATCH. THEY ACTUALLY HAVE A WIN. The team added PaulEhx to their starting roster after dropping Parasite. PaulEhx was another addition from the WestR roster. Not only did the Ravens get a win, they swept the LA Guerrillas. They have big matches against LA Thieves and NYSL coming up this weekend, so we shall see if they actually are getting better but a win is a win.

10. LA Guerrillas

11. Toronto Ultra

12. Minnesota ROKKR

Match Predictions

There will be ten matches this upcoming weekend and here I’ll give it my best try to see how closely I can get to predicting the winners and map count.

  1. Dallas Empire (3) – Paris Legion (1)
  2. Optic Chicago (3) – Minnesota ROKKR (0)
  3. LA Thieves (3) – London Royal Ravens (2)
  4. New York Subliners (3) – LA Guerrillas (0)
  5. New York Subliners (3) – London Royal Ravens (1)
  6. Atlanta Faze (3) – LA Thieves (0)
  7. Toronto Ultra (3) – LA Guerrillas (2)
  8. Seattle Surge (3) – Paris Legion (2)
  9. Dallas Empire (3) – Minnesota ROKKR (1)
  10. Optic Chicago (3) – Florida Mutineers (1)

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