CDL Week 4 Power Rankings

Call of Duty League 2020 Season 2020-01-24 / Photo: BEN-PURSELL for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

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Stage 2 and Week 4 officially kicks off this weekend with our teams playing in newly rearranged groups. With new matchups and new maps being put into the rotation, teams will look to take advantage of a fresh start. Our power rankings will continue from where they ended at Stage 1, while taking into consideration the new matchups moving forward.

1. Atlanta Faze

If you go 5-0, don’t lose a single round, and beat the Dallas Empire while on the path for a major, then you get to stay as the highest ranked team in my power rankings. Atlanta now has the LA Thieves and the New York Subliners as their top competition in their group, which I do not expect to keep them from holding onto the top group in Group A. I actually expect Atlanta to go 5-0 again in Stage 2.

2. Dallas Empire

I’m not too sure what I’m more confident in, Dallas being the #2 team in the league, or how far they are from being #1. Outside of losing to Atlanta twice during the major, Dallas only dropped one match to the Minnesota ROKKR. That loss was before they figured out Search and Destroy in Cold War, which for the rest of Stage 1, they easily handled. Optic Chicago is easily their biggest competition in their new stage, but I think the Florida Mutineers could catch them by surprise too. I’m excited to see if Dallas can hold onto their momentum going into Stage 2.

3. New York Subliners

New York figured out right when it mattered. They took home third place in the major, Clayster and Asim were hitting on all levels, and Diamondcon is on the hunt for Call of Duty League Rookie of the Year. What sucks for them is they will have to play the LA Thieves, who they did beat already, and Atlanta Faze in their group. Going 3-2 isn’t a death wish for anyone, but with those two teams in their group, it leaves them little to no room to have a bad match against LA Guerillas, London Royal Ravens, or Toronto Ultra.

4. Optic Chicago

The talent is obviously there for Optic, but like in the past when they’ve gotten up against the better teams, they could not perform. Closing out games is the key for this team’s success. When it comes to top teams throwing out new strategies, Optic will need to learn to adapt quickly before they are able to make a real run at a title. If they still struggle with this, then you’ll more than likely see Optic hang around the 3-5 range all season moving forward.

5. LA Guerillas 

Hand raised, I was wrong about the LA Guerillas. I really did not expect them to perform as well as they have this year. Figuring out Search and Destroy was huge for them as, according to, they were the second best performing in Search all season. If they can figure out Hardpoint better, then they have the possibility to make some huge moves at the next major.

6. LA Thieves

This one can be kept short and sweet. The LA Thieves can be the best in the CDL if they can figure out their egos. They came out flat, losing their first round in the major which destined them for failure for the rest of the weekend. They won’t ever hit their full potential if guys like Kenny and TJ don’t start to play more like a team.

7. Toronto Ultra

8. Florida Mutineers

I still don’t have a lot of faith in Florida, but with the rising of their new star Owakening, there is hope. The team did not perform better than a top 5 team in any game mode during Stage 1, but they were top 6 in two of them. Getting a new group could be a nice help for them as I believe they can go 3-2 . I’ll keep them here until I see someone else perform like Owakening, but there is a chance for some wild movement from them.

9.Minnesota ROKKR

10. Paris Legion

11. Seattle Surge

12. London Royal Ravens

They suck.