CDL Week 2 Power Rankings

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

Week 1 of the Call of Duty League has wrapped up and now it’s time for Week 2. After all the COVID pandemic issues and delays, it was an amazing feeling to see professional Call of Duty being played again. Last week, we presented our first power rankings of the season and though they ended up pretty accurate, there was some movement going into Week 2. This week and moving forward, we will be ranking each team individually instead of having the organizations tiered into groups.

1. Atlanta Faze

The Atlanta Faze showed Week 1 why a lot of fans had them ranked as the best team coming into the preseason. After a 3-0 series sweep to knock off the Los Angeles Guerillas in Game 1, they took Chicago Optic down to the wire for a 3-2 series win in their second and final match of the week. It did take a miracle play from Atlanta Faze member Abezy to push this to a Game 5, but with the absolute domination Faze had in their Search and Destroy matches, I’m not sure they were really concerned. They sit second overall in the league standings due to map count, but #1 in our power rankings.

2. Chicago Optic 

This could be seen as a little bit of a take, but I don’t think it’s fair to punish a team for losing in the last map of a five game series to the #1 team in the league. Optic pulled off an easy sweep over Paris in Match 1 before losing to Atlanta on the final map of their series against them. They were an out-of-this-world-play against them away from being the #1 team in the entire league. Chicago is going to be fine and outside of Search and Destroy, which will get fixed easily, they looked damn good for the entire weekend.

3. LA Thieves

I predicted the Thieves would be good by the end of the season, but I did not expect them to look as good as they did so early.  I thought a team with past ego issues would take longer to gel, but that doesn’t seem to be true. After starting 2-0 and Kenny looking like he did during the Black Ops 4 season, this team could really make their way up to the top spot even after Week 2 depending on how things hold up.

4. Minnesota ROKKR

Even though Minnesota ended Week 1 with a 1-1 record, they still looked very strong. They are by far the best Search and Destroy team in the CDL this season, which puts them at a strong advantage early. As long as they can get any series to a Game 5, which we saw against Dallas, they have a fantastic chance to win. After losing the first match of the league season to the Thieves 3-1, they showed off their talent, beating the returning champs, Dallas Empire, 3-2. Keep an eye on them as they look to improve their respawn game modes.

5. Dallas Empire

The Empire did not look bad at all and being at #5 in the power rankings is not an insult to them. After beating Seattle easily with a 3-0 series win, they lost to Minnesota in Game 5 of their second series. A good sign for them is their young stars, Huke and Shotzzy, are still looking strong after transitioning into a new and faster-paced style Call of Duty. The returning champs aren’t going anywhere and have a good chance to be 3-1 after Week 2.

6. Toronto Ultra

7. Seattle Surge

8. Florida Mutineers

9. LA Guerillas

10. London Royal Ravens

11. New York Subliners

12. Paris Legion

The bottom of the league is a little difficult to rank due to not everyone playing two matches during Week 1. Super Week will allow for fans to see the true talent of teams like the Florida Mutineers, — who I expect to make some noise — the London Royal Ravens, and the New York Subliners.

Moving forward, our rankings will remain a traditional format, but each team that gave us something interesting will get talked about for the week. Super Week will be on all week on the Call of Duty YouTube page.

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