CDL Week 12 Power Rankings

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

We’ve played eleven weeks, three full stages, an all-star weekend, and all we truly know is that Toronto Ultra and Atlanta Faze are the cream of the crop in the CDL. After an exciting third major that had an Optic squad make a run from the loser’s bracket, the last two major winners meet in the semi-finals, and multiple rosters get destroyed afterwards it’s time to get onto Stage IV. Here we have the power rankings for the CDL going into Week 12 of the league.

1. Atlanta Faze

Atlanta was able to grab their second major title of the year and in the process get revenge on the New York Subliners who gave them their only loss in the major. During their run they defeated Dallas Empire, Toronto Ultra twice and NYSL which are all top five teams currently in the league. During their run Abezy was able to also push himself firmly to the top of the MVP conversation. What’s made Atlanta so special this year is the consistency of the roster. After a successful run during the first major Atlanta has kept together arguably the best roster in the league which sounds like a simple decision, but after recent roster turnover in the CDL it’s more of a surprise than ever. They currently hold a 100 point lead over the second seed for the entire season and will play Stage IV with the easier of the two groups. I don’t expect Atlanta to move from the top spot and should be able to go 5-0 this stretch.

2. Toronto Ultra

Even though the Toronto Ultra didn’t make it to the Grand Finals of Major III it’s hard to move them from the second overall spot in the power rankings. First off they are one of only two teams with a major title this season and the only team that was able to defeat them during their run were the Atlanta Faze. Since their run during Major II the Ultra have been the best overall team in Search and Destroy, 5th best in Hardpoint, and the best team in Control. Stage IV will be a good test as their group includes NYSL, Dallas Empire, and the Florida Mutineers who all started the third major in the winner’s bracket. Until someone outside of Atlanta beats them when it matters the Ultra will sit comfortably in the second spot of the rankings.

3. New York Subliners

Somehow the old man of the league Clayster keeps on getting teams to the finals. The Subliners fell to Atlanta 5-2 in the grand finals of the major, but were able to position themselves into second overall in the league for the year. The Subliners might have had an easier start to their bracket run, but being able to defeat Atlanta in a best of five series is an impressive feat that helped show they are here to stay and keep on improving. This hasn’t been a fluke run as the Subliners have been the best Hardpoint team in the league since the beginning of Stage III and the third best Search and Destroy team.  I expect a 4-1 finish to their group play and at the worst 3-2.

4. Optic Chicago 

After a disappointing Stage III of group play, it seemed like Optic finally figured it all out once the major came around. Optic started their run with a 9-1 map count which included a 3-0 sweep of rival Dallas Empire. They were finally knocked out by previous-champs, Toronto Ultra, after a map 5, round 11 loss in SND. Every single thing that fans were complaining about over the last month seemed to disappear when it all mattered. If this Optic team has finally figured it out, then the rest of the league could be on watch. They fall into Group A with Atlanta Faze, a confused-LA Thieves, Minnesota, Paris, and Seattle Surge. Outside Faze, no one should be better than Optic and I expect a 4-1 group stage result when it’s all said and done.

5. Florida Mutineers

I’ll be the first to admit it, I never expected to have the Mutineers up this high at any point during the season. Their run in the major wasn’t very impressive as they were only able to defeat the LA Thieves and then went 0-6 against NYSL and Optic, but outside of Faze, Ultra, Subliners, and Optic the rest of the league is in shambles. Florida goes into Group B with realistically no chance at the top two seeds, but if Dallas can’t get it together, they have the opportunity to start Major IV in the winner’s bracket again. This spot for Florida could be short lived, but for the time being they’ve earned it. 

6. Dallas Empire

At this point, Dallas seems like the friend you have who just won’t perform to their full potential. After dropping Huke and adding FeLo the Empire disappointed in Major IV with a 0-6 map count. Since then they’ve moved FeLo back to the bench and added Vivid to their starting lineup. The talent is there on the roster with the likes of Crimsix and Shotzzy, but something seems to be wrong in Dallas at the moment. Empire haven’t been top 8 in a single mode over the last four weeks of play. Maybe Vivid will be the fix, but eventually management might need to look deeper into the roster to find their true problems. 

7. LA Thieves

I need to know what TJ Haly has on their manager JKap. After the initial bench move of Haly the LA Thieves added Huke from the Dallas Empire which was a move many fans were excited about for the team. The Thieves had a pretty disappointing showing in the major, only winning one series, and immediately added Haly back to their starting lineup and benched Huke. TJ Haly has been a bottom 10 percent player in the league over the last four weeks of gameplay that he’s been involved in. He had no mark on the Thieves good Stage III results and I don’t think will help them in Stage IV. The quick bench of Huke more seems like a reactionary move than anything. The return of the Thieves to professional Call of Duty has not been what many fans wanted and doesn’t seem to be turning around anytime soon.

8. London Royal Ravens

London has not been one of the better teams throughout the entire season, but seem to finally be showing some improvement. They were able to win two series 3-0 and 3-1 before falling to the Thieves in their third matchup. The team still has a shot at making into the top 8 of the league overall if they can have a strong Stage IV. If they are able to ride out the momentum they are producing, then we could see a surprise team come out for the league.

9. Los Angeles Guerillas

10. Minnesota ROKKR

11. Paris Legion 

12. Seattle Surge

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