Call of Duty League Week 3 Power Rankings

Lincoln Ottersbach
Esports Analyst

The Call of Duty League made it through two full weeks of the 2021 season and my power rankings have been tossed around, as expected, right before our first major event of the year.  The New York Subliners and Clayster came out to play after going 3-1, the top dogs showed why they still are great, and teams like the London Royal Ravens manage to disappoint us more than I did my parents in high school. Here’s my Week 3 power rankings along with predictions for the first major of the 2021 season.

1. Atlanta Faze 

Atlanta not only started Week 2 ranked as the #1 team, but somehow managed to strengthen that ranking as the week ended. They ended the first stage of matches as the only undefeated team in the league and had the best map count as well. Outside of a 3-2 victory over a meh Paris Legion team, I think Atlanta was just bored, they looked at their top of the game and are the favorites going into our first tournament of the season. My only concern from them is it seems like they could be needing too many hero plays to succeed in a double elimination tournament, but you stick with the favorite until you’re given a reason not to.

2. Dallas Empire

Week 3 gives us a new #2 for our power rankings in the Dallas Empire. This movement is more a reward for their schedule, but Dallas had the doors thrown at them and they kicked them right in. Dallas went 3-0 in Week 2 with wins over London, New York, and a sweep over the LA Thieves. In the final match of the week, Dallas won their hardpoint by 38, came back from being down 3-0 in Search and Destroy, and won control 3-1 over the LA Thieves. The scores seemed close at times, but you could see the Empire team many fans were excited about in the offseason and they slayed their way through a slow start and showed why they will be making noise the entire year. Also Crimsix looked his best so far, which is a scary sight for other teams.

3. Optic Chicago

4. LA Thieves

5. New York Subliners

New York is our biggest climber between Weeks 2 and 3, while also being our biggest surprise of Week 2. The Subliners went 3-1 and should have gone 4-0 in Week 2 had they not blown a 2-0 lead to the Dallas Empire. Clayster was on a mission to show the entire world of Call of Duty that Dallas should never have let him go, but the real star of the week was ASIM. Dropped in the offseason by Minnesota, the beast came to play in Week 2 and was the bonafide star of the week. He propelled his team to a spot in the winners bracket for the first major of the season and if he keeps this up, watch out everyone else. 

6. Minnesota ROKKR

You know when your team wins but you didn’t really enjoy any single part of it and it didn’t make you feel comfortable at all? That’s how Minnesota made me feel this weekend. They came away 2-1 with their sole loss being to the New York Subliners, but nothing about their performance was ever special. Their two wins were against two bottom teams in the Florida Mutineers and London Royal Ravens. They did earn a bye in the losers bracket side of the major, but their performance did not make me think they can make a run this week. 

7. Paris Legion

I would like to apologize to Paris Legion and their fans. I had absolutely zero faith in them before the season started and during Week 2, they impressed me just a bit. I now have at least some faith, but still not a lot. They were able to take care of themselves Week 2 to give them their first two wins of the season while dropping only a 2-3 series to the Atlanta Faze. They are starting to show signs of life and I’m excited to see them in their first major.

8.  LA Guerillas

9. Toronto Ultra

10. Seattle Surge 

11. Florida Mutineers 

12. London Royal Ravens

I have very little to say about these teams at the bottom, but I will say London sucks. Get Alexx some help. Please do it because I feel awful for this man. 

With our power rankings done, I’ll make some predictions for the first major. Six teams — the Atlanta Faze, Dallas Empire, Chicago Optic, New York Subliners, LA Thieves, and LA Guerillas — all qualified for the winners side of the bracket ,with all other teams starting in the lower losers bracket. The major is a double elimination tournament where each team will play a best of 5 series like the regular season. If you lose on the winners side, you’ll get a chance to make a run in the lower losers bracket, but lose on the lower side, and you’re out.

I’m going to go out and say the Dallas Empire win the first major of the season. I believe they’ll take on Optic in round 2, win that matchup, fall to Atlanta Faze in the Winners final, and then make a run from the losers bracket to win the first major. They have been making strides and the slaying in their last game makes me feel confident in them. I think your top four will be Dallas, Atlanta, Optic and the LA Thieves. I would keep an eye on the New York Subliners and Minnesota ROKKR to possibly make a miracle run, but I’m not banking on it. I don’t have much faith in any other teams from the losers side making any type of successful deep run.

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