Call of Duty League Introduction

The Call of Duty League is making its return this weekend with Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. This will be the second season of the league under this franchise and they are hoping to bounce back after the COVID-19 pandemic almost shut them down year one. With a return to the Black Ops series, 4v4 gameplay, and an increased prize pool of $5,000,000, fans and players are hopeful for the league to return to its original glory. If you’re new to the scene or just need a refresher we are going to provide you with an intro to the league, schedule, teams, and rulesets.


This season the Call of Duty League, or CDL, will feature twelve teams from around the country. The teams are Atlanta Faze, Dallas Empire, Florida Mutineers, London Royal Ravens, Minnesota RØKKR, New York Subliners, Optic Chicago, Paris Legion, Seattle Surge, Toronto Ultra, Los Angeles Guerillas, and the new team Los Angeles Thieves. Each team will feature four starters and a handful of substitutes. 

Season Format

The CDL season will consist of the kickoff weekend, five stages, and then the season ending Champs series. Kickoff weekend, Jan. 23-24, will be six matches with three of them being fan voted. This will just be an intro for the league this season and for fans to see how the format will be during the season.

For the rest of the year, the regular season will consist of five stages. Each stage will consist of three different homesteads where a team will host all other teams at their home arena and then conclude in a double elimination tournament. At each homestead, teams will play five matches that earn them points towards their seeding for the stage ending tournament and Champs at the end of the season. Once all five stages are completed the season will end with one last major tournament consisting of the top eight teams in the CDL. Each team who makes Champs will at least take home $25,000 with the winning team taking home the grand prize of $1,200,000.

Season Ruleset

The 2021 season will be played in a 4v4 format with teams playing a best of five series. Each series will be played with three game modes that are Hardpoint, Search & Destroy, and Control. Hardpoint is a game mode where teams must work together to hold on to a rotating capturable zone. The goal is to reach 250 points total, but teams are not able to acquire points if anyone from the other team is in the zone with them at any time. 

The second game mode Search & Destroy is a tactical mode where teams fight to defend and plant a bomb at one of two choosable bomb sites per round. Teams will rotate between attacking and defending the bomb each round. The goal is to win six rounds. Each round is a minute and thirty seconds long. To win the round, you need to either plant the bomb and have it detonate after 45 seconds, kill all members of the team, or defuse the bomb if it is planted by the opposing team which takes 7.5 seconds. Each player is given one round per life without respawns until the end of the round so once you are killed in the round you must wait until the next round to play again.

 The final playable mode is Control which is an objective and life based game mode. In Control each team is rewarded 30 lives. One team is tasked with attacking two sites while the other team has to defend. This game mode has a timer of 1.5 minutes with an increasing time of one minute if the capturing side is able to capture either of the objectives. To win this game you must either eliminate all 30 lives from the other team, capture the two objectives, or defend them well enough for the timer to run out before the attackers can capture both. For the full detailed list of all rules you can view the full ruleset.

The remaining schedule and a definite ruleset is set to be announced during the Kickoff Weekend, but 2021 looks as if it will be a rebirth for the Call of Duty League. New rivalries will be born, on site matches will bring fire back that was missing from last season, and new fans will be born. Stick with us as we bring more coverage to the CDL with predictions and stats throughout the season.

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