American League Power Rankings 3.0

Scott Hoyt
MLB Analyst

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1. Boston Red Sox (11-6) (PR: #3)

The Red Soxs have cooled off since the 9 game winning streak, but they are still showing that they are one of the better teams in baseball. Starting pitching has been a pleasant surprise, and Matt Barnes has been lights out in the closer role. If they can continue to get quality starts, this team will be tough to beat.

2. Chicago White Sox (8-9) (PR: #4)

Liam Hendricks is looking to be worth every penny the White Sox gave him this offseason, as he has solidified their back end of their bullpen. If this line up can stay healthy, they will be one of the highest run producing offenses in all of baseball when it is all said and done. Time will tell if all the free agency money they spent on pitching in the offseason will hold up.

3. Los Angeles Angels (8-5) (PR: #2)

The Angles had a few games get postponed, so there isn’t a whole lot of movement from a power rankings perspective. This team still has impressed early on against some quality opponents. I am still waiting to see if Shohei Ohtani can sustain a full season, but what he has shown so far has been eye popping. If the pieces around Mike Trout can stay healthy, this offensive line up will be tough to match up with.

4. Cleveland Indians (8-7) (PR: #5)

There is no denying that Shane Bieber is the best pitcher in the American League. He is picking up right where he left off 2020 and putting up godly numbers. As long as he gets a couple of runs, they have a great chance of winning every game he throws. I’ve also been impressed with Emmanuel Clase at the back end of the bullpen and not James Karinchak. We will see what level of success these young Indians pitchers can sustain.

5. Tampa Bay Rays (8-8) (PR: #8)

There is something special about the low payroll Rays absolutely BULLYING the $202 Million Dollar Yankees team in the Bronx. This team has lost key pieces in the bullpen, so it will be something to monitor as the season goes on. But this is a team that is going to do the little things right and not give away baseball games. They might not have the highlight reel plays, but they find ways to win games consistently.

6. Oakland Athletics (9-7) (PR: #4)

This A’s team has turned things around in a big way after a disastrous Opening Weekend. Matt Chapman finally decided to show up and hit baseball like he is paid to do and their bullpen stopped giving up the long balls. I like their young starting pitching and the defense they play behind them. These Athletics are a scrappy bunch.

7. Kansas City Royals (9-5) (PR: #11)

It’s time to put some respek on the Royals name. This team has gotten off to a hot start and looks to prove the haters wrong. They split their series with two of the better teams in the AL with the White Sox and Indians. They will need to continue to pick up wins when they can to build confidence for this young group.

8. Seattle Mariners (10-6) (PR: #13)

Just like the Royals, it’s time to give this young team the recognition they deserve after the start they got off to. I am not so sold on the starting pitching staff of this team, but they have some young dudes who can absolutely crush baseballs. If they can continue to play with the Astros and the rest of the AL West, this team will change the narrative of their season real quick.

9. Houston Astros (7-8) (Previous Rank: #1)

After having the Astros at #1 last week, this team took a nosedive. Losing five of their last six, and not looking good in doing so. We know this team will be able to hit, but will their pitching staff be able to limit the runs scored is the big question.

10. Minnesota Twins (6-8) (PR: #6)

This team is heavily reliant upon 40-year-old Nelson Cruz and an injury-prone Byron Buxton to carry the load offensively. I still do not trust the bullpen of this Twins team as they have gotten lit up early and often this year. It will be interesting to see if they try to trade for a closer or try to turn around what they have.

11. Toronto Blue Jays (7-9) (PR: #9)

I really like the young studs the Jays have, but the problem is, none of them are pitchers. In a division with loaded line ups, getting into a slugfest or trying to play from behind isn’t a recipe for success. Obviously the injuries in the bullpen hurt, but they need to find a solution and find one quick before they find themselves too far behind.

12. New York Yankees (5-10) (PR: #7)

There really isn’t much to say about this team so far. They have stunk. Under achieved at every level so far. I’ve even seen fans calling for Aaron Boone’s job. Things are bad in New York and they need to turn things around quickly.

13. Baltimore Orioles (7-9) (PR: #13)

Pitching looks to be this team’s downfall as they simply cannot keep teams off the scoreboard. Playing from behind in almost all of their games, this team seems to be defeated before they even cross the lines. Given all of that, if and when they get quality pitching, they are a tough team to beat.

14. Texas Rangers (7-9) (PR: #14)

This is a strange Rangers team. They are an incredibly inconsistent team as they win a series and lose the next one and continue that cycle. But they have shown that they can compete with the top teams in the AL after taking three out of four from the Rays. But like I mentioned, they came back down to earth to lose two out of three to the Orioles at home. Ride along the rollercoaster that is the Texas Rangers.

15. Detroit Tigers (6-10) (PR: #15)

There are a few bright spots for Tigers fans to cheer about this year. Expectations are low and they seem to be following suit. Lack of any kind of quality pitching will cripple this organization until they address that issue. 

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