American League Power Rankings 2.0

Scott Hoyt
MLB Analyst

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1. Houston Astros (6-3) (Previous Rank: #3)

The most hated team in all of baseball has gotten off to one of the best starts. They went into Oakland and took a verbal beating, only to turn around and sweep four straight in dominating fashion. Their depth will be tested as the season goes on.

2. Los Angeles Angels (6-3) (PR: #10)

The Angles are off to a 6-3 start and have faced 3 preseason playoff projected teams. Ohtani remains a wildcard for this team as he showed the world he can be a dynamic talent with the bat and on the mound. Trout is Trout and continues to absolutely punish baseballs. Will their pitching hold up is the question for this team.

3. Boston Red Sox (6-3) (PR: #7)

One of the strangest starts to a season, the Red Sox got off to an 0-3 start and looked atrocious doing so. Then they come back and win their next six games and sweep two division foes. We will see if they can sustain the stellar starting pitching.

4. Chicago White Sox (4-5) (PR: #2)

I still think this team is one of the more complete teams in the AL, but they have gotten off to a rough start. Dropping a game in each series normally isn’t a terrible thing, but it isn’t a good look when those teams are the Royals, Angles, and Mariners. I think that they figure out a way to win the games they are supposed to win and not let lesser teams steal games.

5. Cleveland Indians (5-3) (PR: #9)

Despite losing the first two games of the year to the rebuilding Detroit Tigers, this team turned things around and has won four in a row. The backend of the bullpen remains to be a question mark, but the starting pitching remains a strong suit for them. If this team can figure out ways to score runs, they should remain close to the top of these power rankings.

6. Minnesota Twins (5-4) (PR: #8)

Nelson Cruz and Byron Buxton have been on an absolute tear for the Twins to start the year. Blown saves and missed opportunities have hurt this team early on and it will be interesting to see how they look to address those issues. We will see if their pitching can keep them in enough games as the season goes on.

7. New York Yankees (4-5) (PR: #1)

So far it has not been pretty in Bronxs as the Bombers have lost two out of their first three series against the Orioles, Blue Jays, and Rays. Aaron Judge has already had some injury concerns and Giancarlo Stanton continues to either hit nukes or strikes out. Who steps up for the Yankees pitching staff to get things back on track for this powerhouse?

8. Tampa Bay Rays (4-5) (PR: #5)

Losing your best two starting pitchers from last year is really going to hurt this team as they have yet to get any solid pitching. Glasnow has been stellar, but outside of that, the Rays are not getting the same production out of their Bullpen. Injuries have hurt them so we will see what kind of voodoo the Rays pull to fill those holes.

9. Toronto Blue Jays (4-5) (PR: #6)

The young guns for the Jays have been dynamic, but this team is still missing key pieces on the back end. Losing Kirby Yates for the year really hurts and we will see who they use, or if it is a closer by committee approach. Look for this team to keep swinging the bats and hope their arms can catch up with their end of the production.

10. Oakland Athletics (3-7) (PR: #4)

I was pretty high on the A’s coming into 2021 and they have been nothing short of disappointing to start the year. Starting pitching and their bullpen have been atrocious and far off of what we are accustomed to seeing from them. It doesn’t help that they are also struggling to score runs at the same time. They will look to get at least one of those phases back up to par.

11. Kansas City Royals (4-3) (PR: #12)

The Royals have started off better than I expected them to so far in 2021. They split their series with two of the better teams in the AL with the White Sox and Indians. They will need to continue to pick up wins when they can to build confidence for this young group.

12. Seattle Mariners (5-4) (PR: #13)

The Mariners have surprised some people early on this year including myself. They took two of three against both the Twins and Giants so far this year and won one of the games against the White Sox. Losing James Paxton for the year is going to put more pressure on this pitching staff, but it is time to see if the young guns can step up and continue to grind.

13. Baltimore Orioles (4-5) (PR: #11)

After starting out 3-0 on the road for the season, the Orioles have fallen back to their old ways and have gone 1-5 since. Cedric Mullins has been a stud and is an absolute problem hitting out of the lead off spot. Closing out games will be huge for this team as they have already given up multiple leads late in games this year.

14. Texas Rangers (3-6) (PR: #15)

If you have watched this Rangers team this year, it is obvious that there is no chance they compete for a playoff spot. But, there was one point in which this team had won three of four games and won the series against the Blue Jays. But they quickly got brought back to earth after being swept at home by the Padres, which included the franchise’s first no hitter.

15. Detroit Tigers (3-6) (PR: #14)

The Tigers took game one of the year from Shane Bieber and Indians, but things haven’t been pretty since. Miguel Cabrea is already on the IL and their pitching staff is getting exposed on a nightly basis. Akil Baddoo has been eclectic to start his MLB career and we will see what other young studs take advantage of playing time. 

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