AFC East is a Beast

Darryl Rice @ItsDerl

October1, 2020

Darryl Rice
NBA Analyst

"I'm just here so I won't get fined."

The Deep Sleep East

What’s happening y’all? We are a month into the regular season and we finally have the good ole’ Covid cases starting to roll in. The NFL has no specific plan to really contain or fix the issue, so we can look forward to more cases very soon. My tin foil hat makes me believe that the Covid positive cases will be from nonessential players. I’m going to put a Charles Barkley guarantee on it! Please be prepared to see more games postponed and a ton of less important players not playing because of Covid-19. In the first article of this series, I gave a brief overview and power rankings of the AFC West. This article is all about the beasts of the east, where we have two really good teams, and two that are just terrible.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen and the damn undefeated BIlls have really come to play this year and I’m actually surprised. We all know the man has a cannon for an arm. We know he’s barely 6-foot-5 but has speed like a little guy. What I wasn’t expecting was his game management, and ability to bring his offense to life. 

The Bills have talent that can take them far, I’m just not sure they have a solid coach in Sean McDermott. The Bills in 2017 went 9-7 with Tyrod Taylor and got bounced in the Wild Card by Jacksonville. The next year they went 6-10 with Josh manning the wheel. He sucked. His sophomore season is just a thing of beauty, and we as fans understood why he was the highest drafted quarterback in Bills’ and Wyoming’s history. This year is no different, and we are honestly seeing Josh raise his own ceiling of improvement. How is this so? I’ve already stated earlier, I’m not a fan of Sean. I believe he’s an advantageous coach with promise, but he still gets beat at his own gameplan. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it’s not really Sean unlocking Josh. 

The true whisperer in my opinion is Ken Dorsey, the QB coach. Yes Brian Daboll is the one calling the shots, but I believe, behind the scenes, Ken Dorsey is the true unlock artist. He’s also 6-foot-5, and was good enough to be a two-time Heisman finalist. What I like about Dorsey is his cerebral approach to the game. He’s extremely smart. I believe he is pumping all kinds of ideas to Josh and Daboll. If the Bills can not only win their division, but also win a playoff game, Dorsey will be a head coach in less than four years. Listen to how Dorsey is described by Josh. Start at 3:20.

I predict this team to beat the Patriots for the division.

New England Patriots

I can honestly say, I’ve been a Patriot hater for a long time. I’ve been a hater for so long, I can’t even remember if I ever liked them? If I did like them, we’re talking the 3-point stance helmet Patriots era, and the only reason why I liked them were because as a kid we used to go to Dairy Queen and get our ice cream in miniature baseball helmets, they I also remember seeing a poster of every NFL team logo, and it looked cool to me. Is it just me or did we all eat our ice cream out of helmets? A quick trip down memory lane

Gang, I’m here to say I went through an intervention, and have been clean of all Patriot hate the day Cam was signed. When New England signed him, I believe they made a lot of fans mad. The QB is and has always been the face and brains of the team. There’s a lot of people who don’t like Cam’s face or brain manning the team. Cam is too vibrant, he’s got a big mouth, he’s also not a cerebral QB, scoring extremely low on his Wonderlic test. We have honestly heard it all! 

I’m not sure I heard one good comment about the signing either. No one thought it would be a good fit, right? Every fan was accepting a possible Jarrett Stidham start at the center. There’s no way Bill Belichick would grab Cam, we’re talking two different personalities that are honestly on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Yet, here we are! The man is balling. He’s calling one of the most complex playbooks ever in the history of the NFL, and not to mention he was fleeced in his contract. The Patriots have a QB who is balling out of control for pennies on the dollar in comparison to other starters. If you ask me, it’s business as usual for these guys. The Patriots should be 3-0, bottom line! Raiders are a great team, not so much Miami, but they are divisional rivals so playing teams twice a year every year eventually brings familiarity. 

I like how Bill is making Cam throw the ball deep to Edelmen. What Bill is doing is showcasing that arm strength. Bill has a faster and stronger QB in Cam. He no longer has to play the dink-and-dunk game like he did for seemingly decades. This team has a new identity and it almost seems like Bill is coaching a little more loose. The problem is I feel there will be some games where Cam will mismanage tempo, and turn the ball over. 

This is another scary team that shouldn’t have lost to Seattle. Cam should’ve called an audible, but he didn’t because Seattle had no answer for that play. The reason and only reason they lost is because Cam did not bounce out. He had that entire left side open. Even Brady would have made it to the pylon. This is a mental mistake by Cam from overthinking and it cost him the game. He didn’t call an audible either. Well actually he didn’t have to, Seattle couldn’t stop it. This tells me he’s still trusting Bill to make the right decision, and not himself. In other words, Cam is not even loose yet and he’s playing this well. On that play, the D line is slanting right showing Cam they know where he’s running. He should’ve noticed this and bounced out or called an audible. He says it himself in this video, which also gives a great analysis of the play. 

The only reason why I place this team in second is wholly due to the learning curve. I believe more scenarios like this will happen where Cam will go with the trust of the coach and not his gut.

New York Jets

Yeah…uh. Moving on.

Miami Dolphins

I love Brian Flores. I really like Chris Grier. It’s the only black head coach and general manager duo in the NFL. This is groundbreaking and the chemistry between these guys are awesome. Remember, the Dolphins were looking for a head coach in January 2019. The pulse of the NFL was to find a young coach like McVay; a pure genius in offensive coaching. This man is an offensive guru, and did I mention young? The Dolphins found their McVay (if you want to call him that) in Flores. I believe Flores is better than Mcvay, and he’s barely older by a couple years. Flores changed everyone’s mind when we all thought they were just tanking the season away. It was evident they were.They took an already bad roster and made it worse by letting all their good players leave. I remember fan reactions to their beloved Dolphins … tanking the season away.

The roster is still not good, and Fitzmagic isn’t always Fitzmagic. So why Flores? Out of close to 40 coaches and 100 media interview clips, Flores was chosen. We are talking about a pro resume of one year as defensive coordinator and coach here. How did they see a McVay in Flores? I believe he shows strong leadership qualities. He learned fast how leadership looked in New England. Now the Bellick coaching tree isnt always full of successful fruit. Matt Patricia and Bill O’Brien can attest to that,  I don’t see these same mistakes in Miami. 

It’s time for this team to get a roster together. It’s time to put Tua out there. I understand Fitz is an Ivy League grad with one of the sharpest brains in the NFL at the QB position, but he doesn’t change games, he only manages them at a higher clip than Teddy Bridgewater. Alex Smith should be proud here, but Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the guy. We all saw this journeyman’s play last year. Quite frankly, some plays actually looked like he was the lead tanker on the field. Get him out of there. 

Miami had 14 picks in the 2020 draft. They took 11 players. The majority was defense. This tells me Flores is playing the long game because he has the confidence of the GM. I don’t see any instant expectations with this team just yet, only development and that’s why they are not playing Tua. Yes, he was hurt and we all know it. An injury that technically injured his draft stock and ended his flourishing college career. Tua is being taught what to do and what not to do by a great coach and mediocre quarterback so I don’t see him getting any play unless Ryan gets hurt or starts throwing major interceptions. He may not get hurt, but we know for damn sure he’s an interception throwing machine. 

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