About Us


It was January 2019, and theBRKDWN sports team was determined to make an impact on the world of sports journalism. Having worked together in the industry for years, their skills, enthusiasm, and commitment to delivering quality sports analysis and content in various mediums were enough to get the office buzzing.

With the launch of theBRKDWN sports website, the excitement only increased. The team had worked tirelessly to make sure that the quality of the content was impeccable, but still had some way to go before they reached the scope of their ambitions.

Fast forward to today and theBRKDWN sports has certainly come a long way. As we celebrate our first year in operation, the team is celebrating all the milestones achieved – from our successful articles, podcasts, and betting tools, to our weekly live show, and the ever-growing brand recognition.

We’ve made sure no stone has been left unturned and the fruits of our labor can be seen with an ever-growing fanbase and trusted partners. Our readers are entertained, educated, and look to theBRKDWN sports when they are on the lookout for the latest sports news.

As we look towards the future, the team is planning even more content and fresh ideas to keep our fans entertained – more podcasts, sponsor giveaways, weekly stream, and who knows, as we venture into year two, maybe a few more tricks up our sleeves.

From the delicious sports analysis and content, to the friendly, yet approachable attitude we have towards our fans, theBRKDWN sports has worked hard to establish its position in the competitive world of sports journalism.

We thank our fans for supporting us. We look forward to what the future holds for us and continued success in delivering quality content