A Game of Tag: The BRKDWN of the NBA

We’ve Got Action!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to write that the NBA is back! Honestly, the NBA picked one hell of a year to temporarily die but I’m here, you’re here, we are all here so let’s get down to business. First things first …


If there are any objections to this, or if this makes you feel a certain way, please reevaluate your thought process and learn to meet everyone where they are. If that still doesn’t move you, turn on NASCAR right now, they get it. Moving on.

We’ve got basketball folks. It’s here and we just have to appreciate the salvaged season for what it is … salvaged. I’m a different writer. I try to look at the game from a different lens, and because of my writing style, I’m not going to concentrate on the qualifying teams, where games will be played, etc. Please use the google machine for this, it’s 2020. 

So let’s bypass how Zach Lavine feels, and even Trae Young for that matter. They’re still pissing monkey water, they have time. Your sorry squad didn’t make it, regroup and think about next year. We’ve got 22 teams now that are primed, focused and ready to go, and when I tell you I see UPSETS in the near future, I mean that! 

Teams have had time to access and strategize game-plans that may be beneficial, it’s a chess game going on behind the scenes. Top-ranked teams are thinking about the heath of their players, while lower-ranked teams are concentrating on game-play and schemes. Those damn schemes mean everything. If you understand the schemes, then you will understand the game of tag. Single side tags.

Single Side Tag

Tag offense is crazy. Whether it’s high-tag or low-tag, the game itself is chess. This scheme is amazing to watch because it can happen at any time and it’s usually coordinated by a cerebral point guard. To explain this in its simplest form, the PG creates a play (usually through a pick and roll) to get a specific defender isolated. Once this defender is isolated, he has to make a decision to either stay on his man, or tag the potential open big man. This is a split-second reaction and if you’re late, you will pay. Here’s an example of side tag

Here’s a visual of what the side tag looks like and how it’s run.

Here’s a thorough breakdown for the advanced NBA watchers of how the side tag is used.

Why The Interest?

Hopefully the videos give you a visual of what this scheme looks like. Why? Because this play alone will be why the Brooklyn Nets, Memphis Grizzlies, and New Orleans Pelicans make some kind of upset. This is NOT A HOT TAKE. Pay attention to these teams, they will cause disruption. 

What do all these teams have in common? They can effectively run the single side tag offense. They have the guards and big men to effectively steal points on quick, fast-break style points. The Nets have an arsena —l and that’s without Durantula. The Pels have Ball, who is a low-kew great floor general. The Grizz have Ja. Please believe these guys can operate the single side-tag offense and catch any team off guard. 

These teams are figuring out how to capitalize on this play scheme for easy points. A smart coach will learn when to use the play, verses over-using it. I want you to grasp this concept now because you will see this when the NBA returns. There will be different ways to set up this offense, and hide it behind different players, but mark my words, there are players who can run this perfectly. There are also some top teams who can be exposed with this play. Time will tell which teams are exposed.

The NBA will look the same, but very different. We are in a lab test phase, but I believe when the season restarts, you will see some of the most cerebral basketball full of adjustments and surprises! 

Be well everyone.

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