5 Trade Destinations for Kyle Palmieri

Tomas Vessio
Head of NHL/Podcast Host

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The NHL Trade deadline is fast approaching and there are many players that can be on the way out of their respective teams; including Kyle Palmieri of the New Jersey Devils. A team could definitely use his great services for a deep playoff run and be put in a successful scenario. Here are five teams that could be in on Kyle Palmieri.

5. Colorado Avalanche

The Avalanche are said to be in on most of the top six talents around the league and if Kyle Palmieri is available, the Avs will kick tires on him. The Avs have a real shot at the Stanley Cup already, and maybe adding Palmieri will just make that more of a reality. The only issue with this trade will be the movement in the line combinations and the fits they already have with players on the roster. But never count out a deal.

4. Edmonton Oilers

The Oilers are in dire need of a top six right winger to play with one of Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl, and Kyle Palmieri would be a great addition for their team. This has been a position that the Oilers need and have been missing throughout McDavid’s tenure that can be solved with a trade involving Palmieri. The only thing is the cap issue that the Oilers need to fix in order to acquire Palmieri, but if that is figured out and I’m GM Ken Holland, I sign the paper and make the trade.

3. Calgary Flames

The other team in Alberta is also on the lookout for a Top six forward and Palmieri might be in their eyesight. The Flames have had a busy year with a bunch of signings and the hiring of now head coach Darryl Sutter and now approaching the trade deadline it could get busier. Adding Palmieri is an instant win now move and maybe rental move as they are trying to get into the playoffs and go on a run. Palmieri adds scoring and toughness which the Flames are all about and both could have a strong fit.

2. Toronto Maple Leafs

Another Canadian team on the list could well be the Maple Leafs of Toronto. The Leafs have been in talks to acquire a top six forward since the second week of the season, according to Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman. Palmieri would fit nicely with the Leafs as he can bring goal scoring, sandpaper and the ability to be a chameleon and fit with any line and player if need be. Is this what the Leafs need to be a Stanley Cup champion? The answer is yes of some sort, but the main part is that Palmieri will instantly make the Leafs a better and tougher team to play against.

1. Boston Bruins

You know who would make the Bruins even harder to play against? (HINT: The article might be about him). Kyle Palmieri may be the perfect missing puzzle piece to the Bruins depth scoring issue to take relief off the top line. He is versatile and, like I mentioned, he plays with sandpaper that fits the Bruins scheme already. Salary is the only issue for the Bruins in making a deal, but I think they would gladly give up some pieces to take Palmieri off the Devils and into their squad for a hopeful deep playoff run.