5 Trade Destinations for Jonathan Bernier

Tomas Vessio
Head of NHL/Podcast Host

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The NHL trade deadline is fast approaching and there are many players that can be on the way out of there struggling teams including goaltender for the Red Wings, Jonathan Bernier. Bernier has had a solid year, especially for the team he plays for, which will definitely attract many contenders wanting to bolster their goaltending position.

5. Philadelphia Flyers

The Flyers are in a very tough situation at the moment where all of their rostered goalies are not playing well at all and the state of the team is not in the playoffs. But if the Flyers want help to make the playoffs, Bernier is the guy to give them some sort of security in net at the moment. Do the Flyers make the playoffs with this move? Maybe, but it’s a chance worth taking right now.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning

The Lightning are destined for another deep run in the playoffs with a great team top-to-bottom. Adding essentially another forward in Kucherov once the playoffs start is a massive win and big help. But another helpful player would be a consistent backup goaltender like Bernier if Vasilevskiy was to go down with an injury. McElhinney has not been good at all as the backup and looks like he will retire next year, so getting Berner adds another guy you can rely on if an injury happens or poor play from their number one guy.

3. Washington Capitals

The Capitals have been a hot hockey club in recent weeks that can’t stop winning and scoring. The only “weakness” in the squad is in net where Samsonov and Vanecek have not had great stats all year, yet are piling on the wins. If they want some stability in net in case of bad play or a surprise injury, Bernier is a good option for them to make some impact in the playoffs.

2. St. Louis Blues

The Blues are a team waving the flag to get other GM’s attention on a backup goalie ASAP. The goaltending partnership of Binnington and Husso has not worked one bit and thus making the Blues a worse team overall. With Bernier in the mix, it makes Binnington less stressful and not having to play every night, which they need at a time where they are struggling to make the playoffs. The Blues have a good team but need the help in net.

1. Colorado Avalanche

One simple question … Do the Avs want the same situation they ran into last year in the Bubble? Also a simple answer … HELL NO. The Avs should be first in line to acquire a goaltender like Bernier to avoid last year’s situation where all their goalies went down with severe injuries. Maybe it’s not an absolute need for them, but it should be and they have good familiarity with Bernier in the past anyway so go out and get him.

Where do you think Bernier ends up?

Let us know.

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